Xiaomi adds new details on MIUI 12, highlights the ‘Dark Mode 2.0’

Xiaomi’s noted MIUI is getting a makeover, and its dark offerings are getting more attractive by the day.

A new cloud of mystery on forthcoming MIUI 12’s Dark Mode 2.0 is lifted, courtesy of Xiaomi’s newly-announced features, which should now give us a more precise look on what’s to come.

Wallpaper dimming

One of the hotly-anticipated features of the MIUI 12 is the implementation of the Dark Mode 2.0. According to Xiaomi, the said new feature is set to boast “wallpaper dimming,” which is mostly straightforward in terms of effects.

With “wallpaper dimming,” the Dark Mode 2.0 is tasked to simulate a gradual light transition intelligently based on the phone’s day-night cycle. Xiaomi is still mum whether the accompanying feature will only work with a pre-determined set of system images.

Font weight adjustments

One of the glaring absences in Xiaomi’s entire MIUI since its launch is the user’s ability to make their phone’s font bold. With the “font weight adjustments,” users will be able to adjust the boldness of text automatically. As per Xiaomi, the new feature should help in the reduction of glare and blur.

In addition, the new “font weight adjustments” feature will be built upon the dynamic font system. The system exists in the current-generation MIUI. The confirmed feature should also work in both dark and light mode.

Font contrast adjustments

Xiaomi’s another attempt to induce a more pleasant reading experience is through the new “font contrast adjustments” feature. The new functionality should adapt the relative brightness and contrast difference between the black background and white text in Dark Mode 2.0 dynamically. Note that the adjustment will be based solely on the amount of ambient light the phone will be able to receive.

As it is, the new “font contrast adjustments” should allow users to prevent their eyes from straining during the night. The feature should also be beneficial as it will enable users to read a text more easily in sunlight.

Rollout date

Xiaomi is tipped to be mulling on rolling out the MIUI 12 on April 27 in China. It is also revealed that the forthcoming home-grown user interface will launch with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth. The next-generation MIUI is set to be unveiled via live streaming. The event will start at 2 PM local time.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth is expected to come in four colors and pack a quadruple-camera setup on its rear. The camera system is speculated to launch with a periscope lens that is capable of 50x zoom

Image used courtesy of DroidHolic/YouTube Screenshot


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