Xiaomi to become the first smartphone brand to launch a 150MP camera phone

Xiaomi partnered with Samsung previously to launch the world’s first smartphone featuring a 108MP camera sensor.

Samsung and Xiaomi are upping their game in the optics department.

The sky is the limit for Samsung and Xiaomi

Noted leaker Ice Universe reveals that Samsung already completed the development of a 150-million-pixel sensor, which is tipped to be launched by Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi. The breakthrough phone will reportedly get released during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Sources also indicate that Samsung’s 150MP camera sensor has already conducted the R&D phase. The sensor will feature a footprint of around 1-inch and make use of the same Nonacell technology. The South Korean tech giant also used this tech on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor.

With Nonacell technology, the 150MP sensor could combine nine pixels into one. This should then culminate in higher light absorption. Consequently, the final shots will have a pixel count of around 16MP.

Currently, Samsung has already started developing even more groundbreaking 250-million-pixel sensors. The company made headlines when it announced a plan to establish a 600MP camera sensor, which is already beyond what the human eyes can see. Note that the human eyes can only match up to 500MP resolution.

An established duo

It wouldn’t be the first time Samsung and Xiaomi partnered in the mobile camera business. In November 2019, the latter released the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which is noted for its headlining 108MP camera sensor on its rear. Since this feat, phones with higher megapixels seemed to have formed a trend.

OPPO and Vivo likely to jump on the bandwagon

Smartphone manufacturers OPPO and Vivo are also speculated to launch handsets with a 150MP camera. Unlike Xiaomi, these phones are scheduled for a release during the first quarter of 2021.

The smartphones with the 150MP sensor from OPPO and Vivo are also tipped to be powered by Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 875 chipset, the chip maker’s next-generation flagship SoC. The rest of the features and specifications of these phones are still scarce at the time of this writing.

If you think the 600MP camera sensor is already a bit much, Samsung’s ambitions for the future camera sensors are rumored to go beyond its usual breakthroughs. Accordingly, the company is also looking to develop sensors that can register smells and tastes.

These sensors are already on top of Samsung’s yet another plan to provide camera sensors to other uses, such as automobiles, drones, and other IoTs in the future

Image used courtesy of Xiaomi/YouTube Screenshot


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