Xiaomi’s Mi TV LUX OLED is world’s first transparent TV


Xiaomi’s Mi TV LUX could be the first-ever transparent television in the world. Its the company’s 10th-anniversary gift for everyone.

Television evolution – from boxed that comes along with antennas to widescreen SMART TVs and more – but what if we tell you that there could be more? Imagine watching on the widescreen TV in broad daylight, binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix while looking out the window through your television.

You heard it right! Looking beyond things from your television is what this company is up for. Xiaomi’s Mi TV LUX OLED is the first-ever transparent TV in the world, and we are not dreaming!

As a gift for their 10th year in the industry, the company is offering one-of-a-kind innovation, and that is on the TV segment, according to The Verge. Currently, this is being sold in China, but who knows? It might be available worldwide soon, right?

Looking Through The First Transparent TV in the World

I know you can’t wait for the specs of this one of a kind innovation Xiaomi has made and ours too. So here are the specs we know so far.

Xiaomi was able to pull-off their efforts by making things seem like they were floating in space on this television. The company used transparent OLED technology (TOLED), making this rectangular piece see-through. TOLED uses transparent components that make up the screen, and it requires no backlighting as described by Universal Display Corporation’s site on the details of this TV.

Each of the diodes emits lights, so there’s no need for backlighting, and this where the magic happens, the floating of object effects comes in. Some OLED screens are using cathode layers to prevent you from seeing through the television.

It’s like a mere glass flaunting when it’s off, but this was the result of the formula Xiaomi was able to put up with. 55-inch see-through television is born, and many are cheering for the nativity of this innovation.

Aspect Ratio Feature

In terms of other aspects of this see-through television, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 150,000:1 contrast ratio, 1ms response time, and it has a 93% of the DCI-P3 for the color profile.

You can do more things on this see-through television, and we all know some questions are left unanswered and unclear. For instance, the void part of the screen might not be that crystal clear, though the object on the screen is high resolution. The frame seems to be a bit darker.

As we have said in the first part of this article, this transparent television is only sold in China with a tag price of RMB 49,999 and will be on sale on the morning of August 16.

Images used courtesy of Mr TechTuber/YouTube Screenshot

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