Xiumin V LIVE shock: Bewildered EXO Ls in Q&A

Xiumin stagger in his first V LIVE for fans as a comeback live show. But despite bewildering fans in the Q and A portion, Xiumin’s supporters sent much love for him.

Fans saw a problem regarding the question and answer portion of Xiumin in his first comeback broadcast earlier today.

The nervous idol attempted to grasp the confusing question sent to him and somehow baffled fans with his response.

Xiumin puzzling with a question

During the live broadcast, Xiumin was asked, “The day before your discharge, we were so happy and excited that we almost cried. How did Xiumin feel?” 

However, after the idol read the question, he paused for a few seconds. He then again reread the question and admitted that he found it difficult to understand the statement.

He then made another pause and bewildering his fans after answering, “To be honest, I was perplexed.”

Furthermore, his reaction was clarified with his next statement saying that he thought the report says, “wow, it’s already tomorrow.’ I couldn’t sleep the day before my enlistment.”

The almost petrified idol

Xiumin mistook discharge for enlistment because of his nervousness for his first comeback live.

Xiumin shared, “At the time, all the fond memories from the past filled my head. Those memories somehow made me lost. I wasn’t that thrilled cause I had to be separated from you guys for a while.”

Moreover, the live show ended without anyone properly explaining the situation. Fans were quick and immediately gathered and put “the day before enlistment” on Twitter Trends to catch their idol’s attention.

It is indeed safe to say that they tuned in for the Live broadcast to see the idol they missed for a long time.

Despite minor confusion, the live broadcast of Xiumin, Let It XIUnow, ended with 2,694,985 views and 373,727,956 hearts.

This only proves how long EXO-Ls worldwide have been waiting for the return of the incomparable Xiumin.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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