‘Yakuza: Like A Dragon’ confirmed for next-gen console, preorders ongoing for releases

'Yakuza: Like A Dragon' Protagonist showing his tattooed back

Microsoft had just debuted Xbox 20/20 and part of its first episode is a revelation on titles that will be coming for the Xbox Series X that includes Yakuza: Like A Dragon, while also confirming its PC release through different sources.

Previously rumored for PC release after a subtle entry in the Steam Database index, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is verified coming to Steam.

Two Make a Strong Claim

The validation did not come from the trailer, however. Rather on two telling sources—an updated Steam Database entry and a statement coming from the executive director, Toshihiro Nagoshi, himself.

To quote, Nagoshi said that the game is to become a component of the ‘Xbox Series X launch slate’ and ‘Xbox One.’ And most importantly, ‘Windows 10.’

As it appears, the game might be requiring PC gamers to upgrade to a higher OS, if they’re still not on Windows 10. Likely, due to the game’s over-reliance on DirectX12, which older operating systems don’t have natively.

Games that work on Windows 10 but not on older OSes is nothing new in the PC scene. As of writing, there had been already a couple of games that are exclusively made for Windows 10 in Steam’s library.

With the Xbox Series X is still months away from release this holiday, Like A Dragon will not be making it to stores until then as well.

Free Upgrade, Cross-Save Support

Being in the line-up of games coming to the Xbox Series X, another exciting aspect of the game is its support of the Smart Delivery system. This means that Xbox One owners will only have to buy the game once in order to re-experience the game on Series X.

Another perk that comes with playing the game on either Xbox platforms is the cross-save support. This means that gamers who played the game on Xbox One will retain their progress when they switch to Series X.

Preorders Now Live for Console Version

Consumers who are eager in owning the game may be able to do so now that the game is live for preorders. The benefits of placing a preorder are not just about ensuring a copy as soon as it rolls out. Those who would do so are also likely going to get bonuses as well.

While technically undisclosed for now, the subject of what those bonuses are is still up for revelation as the game nears release.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Xbox

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