‘Yakuza: Like A Dragon’ might likely coming to PC

'Yakuza: Like A Dragon' Official Logo

Originally announced as an exclusive PlayStation 4 title, Yakuza: Like A Dragon shows a hint of an eventual PC release as the game appears on Steam’s database listing.

The information cites from Steam Database, which is a trusted third-party site that gathers information about games on Steam.

Although the details are sparse at the moment, the index at least contains info on the game’s app ID as well as some art.

Familiar Yet New

Fans of the Yakuza series will find something new with the Like A Dragon. Despite seemingly a spinoff from the series, the game is regarded as a seventh entry in the mainline. The notion comes from the developing title’s departure from the action-oriented gameplay of the series.

Instead of adhering to the series’ core gameplay mechanics, Yakuza: Like A Dragon features turn-based gameplay, akin to RPG. Not only does the game looks different from its predecessor, but it also introduces a new character as well—Kasuga Ichiban.

But being the protagonist, and not merely a supporting character, Ichiban feels suspiciously like the start of an entry point in the game. Something we have yet to see, however, after the game is launched and followed with a sequel.

No Longer PlayStation Exclusive

Avid fans of the series may recall playing the series exclusively to the PlayStation. But changing the business approach subsequently led to some games heading to both the PC and Xbox One as well.

For the developers and publishers of the game, that is a good business initiative. With the PC and the Xbox One space having a significant portion of the gaming community, it only gives the Yakuza series some needed reach.

So far, though, only Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 have made their way to Steam.

More Probabilities on PC

The idea of a PC release, however, is more than just about delivering the game to a wider audience. For enthusiasts, it also paves the way for the modding community to tinker the game, which offers endless possibilities. This is only not to mention the PC hardware’s superior capability to existing consoles, including the Xbox One X.

The aforementioned Steam database index might seem authentic. However, without an official confirmation from the publisher, the notion could still be left open for other interpretations. Such as, God forbid, it is a hoax or simply a wrong input.

Nevertheless, until SEGA denies or claims of Yakuza: Like A Dragon hitting its way to PC, the idea simply lingers. Fans of the series can only be hopeful.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/PlayStation

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