‘Yarntown’ is what ‘Bloodborne’ would look like on the Super Nintendo

'Yarntown' is what 'Bloodborne' would look like on the SNES

Bloodborne channels its inner The Legend of Zelda with Yarntown, a top-down pixel-art adventure set in the Gothic world of Central Yharnam.

For those who’ve been wondering what From Software’s Bloodborne would look like back in the 16-bit era, Yarntown is the best possible answer.

Created by indie developer Max Mraz, the action-adventure title faithfully re-imagines the game of Bloodborne in the style of the Super Nintendo’s A Link to the Past.

The one-man labor of love is free to download on itch.io and features controller support, though Max admits that some gamepads have shown issues. The game’s also playable on Mac and Linux, for those running a Windows-alternative operating system.

The Legend of Yarntown

Yarntown was released on July 19, 2020, for the PC, and makes no attempts to hide the fact that it’s essentially a Bloodborne “demake.”

Despite the obvious change in aesthetics, the game features the trademark tough-as-nails difficulty that From Software’s Souls series is known for, along with most of the mechanics, enemies, and environments found in their PlayStation exclusive.

This includes a similar leveling system, adjustable equipment, firearms, an abundance of blood vials, and the borderline masochistic boss fights that Souls fans can’t help but love.

It’s also just great to see Central Yharnam brought to life with gorgeous pixel art visuals, giving fans a chance to relive a beloved experience in a completely new light. Father Gascoigne beckons.

Ocean’s Heart

The 2D Bloodborne tribute isn’t the only Zelda-like being developed by Max. Ocean’s Heart is another top-down adventure that draws heavy inspiration from the Nintendo classic.

It’s even more of a Legend of Zelda homage than Yarntown is, down to the vibrant environments, heart-based hit points, familiar sword swings, and puzzle-laden dungeons.

The game follows the journey of a young woman named Tilia, who’s in search of her father—a man on a quest to hunt down the pirates that attacked their hometown.

Our golden-haired protagonist will have to venture across different islands, looking for clues to her dad’s whereabouts. Of course, there will also be a ton of secrets to unravel, and monsters to slay along the way.

Ocean’s Heart is still in development for PC, though Max did mention via Twitter post back in March that the game is “just about finished.”

Bloodborne may still be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but envious PC gamers can now kind of experience what all the fuss is about with Yarntown.

Featured image courtesy of Max Mraz/Twitter

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