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‘Yashahime’ Episode 20: What new adventure awaits the sisters?


There will be a new adventure awaiting the girls in Yashahime Episode 20. After a brawl in the previous episode, is there a chance for Towa and Setsuna to grow closer?

There was a huge competition in Episode 19 that put the sisters on a test. However, as everything seemed to fabricated, will it be real in Yashahime Episode 20 this time?

Episode 20 spoilers, teasers, and more

The next episode will bear the title “The Hidden Village for Half Demons.” The short preview revealed at the end of Episode 19 gave a glimpse of Setsuna telling a story.

Setsuna reveals what happened in the past, from how she was rescued by the bat-demon girl named Shiori. At the time, she was separated by Towa.

According to Epic Dope, Shiori is known as the protector of her village. She keeps everyone safe, but poisonous demons threaten their safety.

Shiori will then ask for Miroku’s help, while Setsuna also promises to give a hand. In Yashahime Episode 20, a familiar face may make a return.

Elsewhere, fans are continuously wondering if Towa and Setsuna will grow closer due to their shared past.

There are also questions if Setsuna will ever regain her lost memories.

Episode 19 recap

In Yashahime Episode 19, Princess Aiya’s competition enticed both the demon slayers and bounty hunters to join. This put Moroha and Setsuna into a big fight against each other.

Towa had no idea about this competition. She only overheard it from Moroha and so she followed her.

The battle then began and the demons’ slayers managed to get the upper hand by throwing bombs at the bounty hunters.

As the latter escaped, Moroha was left to fight them alone. Towa came in to help and fought alongside Moroha, but it made her twin sister angry, per OtakuKart News.

So, Setsuna and Towa faced each other, both unaware of Moroha and the demon slayers’ plan all along.

Towa then got angry at the demon slayers for injuring Moroha. However, she found comfort in knowing that it was only Takechiyo in disguise.

She then learned that the competition was only staged to secure the employment contract.

However, everyone was disappointed to know that Princess Aiya faked the event to teach Setsuna and others a hard lesson for dirtying her kimono.

The episode then ended with Towa saying sorry and hugging her sisters.

What will happen next will be seen in the release of Yashime Episode 20 on Saturday, Feb. 20.

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