Yasuo’s half-brother may be the next ‘League of Legends’ champion

Yasuo's half-brother may be the next 'League of Legends' champion

Another League of Legends leak has been circulating around the internet this month. After their confirmed release of Lillia in their next patch, it looks like Yone will be next on the list.

League of Legends continues to surprise the community this year, starting with the return of Nexus Blitz which is an experimental map that they are trying to improve through the years.

Riot Games recently revealed a trailer for their next champion for this month’s update. However, Lillia’s debut may get overshadowed by this leak that has been circulating Twitter this month.

For those who played the card game Legends of Runeterra and those who pay attention to detail, they may recognize him as Yone, Windchaser.

Yone and Yasuo’s story in a nutshell

Looking into Yasuo’s Ionian lore, we see that Yone has been very involved with his childhood as he was always there to defend Yasuo. In terms of character, they were complete opposites where Yone was more respectful compared to Yasuo.

As Yone began his apprenticeship at the village’s renowned sword school, Yasuo tagged along until Elder Souma, the last master of the legendary wind technique, saw Yasuo’s potential and decided to train him.

“Yone pleaded with his brother to set aside his arrogance by gifting him a maple seed which was the school’s highest lesson in humility.” The day after, Yasuo accepted the position as Souma’s apprentice and personal bodyguard.

As the Noxians invaded Ionia, Yasuo went to investigate the war, disobeying orders to protect the elders in his school. Later on, he was accused of murdering his master which also led to killing Yone in the process.

His half-brother’s dying words mentioned about the wind techniques were responsible for Elder Souma’s death but it was revealed later on that the elder’s death was an accident caused by the Noxian exile known as Riven.

Yone returns from the dead?

Digging deeper in the leaks circulating around Twitter, it looks like SkinSpotlights, a popular League of Legends content creator, has also confirmed that Yone may be next in line.

In addition, another leak also appeared this week as another splash art for Yone has appeared in the Twitter universe which was shared by a famous League of Legends player Redmercy.

In this leaked art, we see that Yone actually has two swords with one glowing a red and purple aura and it has him and his fans excited for the next updates.

Although there are no official updates yet from Riot Games as they just revealed Lillia, Yone resurrecting in League of Legends as the 150th champion in their roster is definitely worth something to look forward to.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends

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