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‘Yellowstone’ season 3: Are Beth and Rip going to end up together?


Yellowstone season 3 just premiered and, as expected, it got fans talking a lot about it. One popular topic is Beth and Rip’s relationship. Are the two meant to be together?

Paramount Network finally dropped Yellowstone season 3. As usual, the season premiere episode was packed with drama and intense scenes.

It also showed newcomer Roarke Morris ( Lost alum Josh Holloway) crossing paths with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) for the first time.

Considering Beth’s tough facade, it’s no surprise the two started off on the wrong foot. Beth caught him trespassing and Roarke tried inviting her for dinner, to which she rejected.

Their first meeting is obviously not going to be the last. Some fans are even wondering if Roarke will be getting in the way between her and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser).

Beth and Rip love story

Beth and Rip are fan-favorite characters. Many ship the two together even if their relationship can be very complicated at times.

But they’ve been there for each other since they were kids so it’s most likely going to be hard to break them.

They’ve had some few intimate and sweet scenes together throughout the two seasons. But what really made Rip express his feelings for her was when she was brutally assaulted by Malcolm Beck’s (Neal McDonough) men.

He finally says he loves her as he holds her disheveled face in his palms. Since then, the two have been each other’s refuge and the romance has never been more alive.

Season 2 also ended with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) handing over Lee’s house to Rip, which gives him a permanent place in the family. That finale gives Rip and Beth the chance to start their “new life together” in the current season.

Will they have a happy ending?

It’s still too early to tell what will happen between Rip and Beth. Yellowstone season 3 has just started and a lot of things can still happen including that of Roarke possibly interfering and creating a love triangle.

But Hauser talked to Hollywood Life about what lies ahead for Rip in the third season and he’s positive about them.

“It’s up and down, but it’s what Rip and Beth are,” Hauser told HollywoodLife. “That’s what makes them interesting.”

I’ve loved working with Kelly [Reilly]. She’s just a spectacular actress and a wonderful person. In season 3, we get to do some really good work together,” he added.

Hauser is confident that Rip and Beth are “absolutely” meant to be together. He also described the two as a “powerful couple.”

Fans will have to keep on watching Yellowstone season 3 to find out how it will go for Rip and Beth.

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