‘Yellowstone’ season 3: Josh Holloway is the newest foe in town


Yellowstone is all set to return to the small screen soon for its third season. A new face is joining into the mix, and he is no comrade.

Exciting things are coming up on the drama series Yellowstone. For starters, season 3 premiere date is drawing near.

Season 2 finale aired last August 2019, so it’s been a while now since fans have seen Kevin Costner play the billionaire patriarch, John Dutton.

But just a few more sleep left, and the wealthy Dutton ranching family will be back on the television screens once again.

What’s coming up on season 3?

Another exciting thing to look forward to with Yellowstone’s return is a character. According to TV Insider, John is going to get a new foe in the form of Roarke Morris.

As described in the site, Roarke is a hedge fund manager and land developer with local roots. He is going to be played by Lost actor Josh Holloway, who was already revealed to be joining the cast before the premiere of season 2.

But what is Roarke’s part in the series, and what is he up to? How will he affect the Duttons?

Holloway told TV Insider, “Roarke is no stranger to cruel tactics. He’s used to dealing with business on both sides of the law. He’s definitely a threat.”

What’s his connection with Beth?

The Colony alum also divulged that he is friends with co-creator Taylor Sheridan. They share the same interests, including that of rodeo and angling.

This led Sheridan to write a fly-fish scene for the first encounter of Roarke and John’s master manipulator daughter Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

“Beth is emasculating to most men. That doesn’t scare Roarke,” Holloway says. “There’s a spark, even though they are on opposite sides.”

It could potentially mean that Beth and Rip (Cole Hauser) are going to hit a bumpy road in their relationship with the entrance of Roarke.

But since Roarke is going to be on the opposing side, it sounds like trouble is going to brew in the ranch. He better be careful with smashing against the Duttons, though.

Last season’s finale showed John and son Kayce (Luke Grimes) killing the dirty Beck brothers after causing trouble in the ranch and kidnapping Kayce’s son.

There’s a possibility though that Roarke and Kayce are not going to be crossing paths in the third season. Cinema Blend reported that Grimes previously revealed he did not shoot any scenes with Holloway.

Fans can catch more of Holloway’s Roarke when Yellowstone season 3 premieres on Sunday, June 21, on Paramount Network.

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