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‘Yellowstone’ Season 3: Kelly Reilly reveals Beth, family business’ future


Yellowstone Season 3 just made a triumphant return to Paramount Network. As the new installment starts, what fans are about to expect this season?

Yellowstone Season 3 continues with the fallout of Tate’s (Brecken Merrill) kidnapping. In an interview with Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, she reveals what fans are going to see in her role today and the Duttons’ family business.

What are fans going to see about Beth this time?

A lot is about to happen in this year’s new season. Here, the reason behind Beth’s hatred for Jamie (Wes Bentley) will be revealed.

But as fans are more interested to see her in a relationship, Reilly revealed what’s going to happen in her role this time.

“I think after the 2-3 seasons of seeing her survive — because that’s what she’s doing — we’re getting to see what the underpinnings are,” Reilly told Hollywood Life. “What is it she’s running from? I’m so aware of the pain she’s in playing her.”

Dutton’s family business

Beth plays a major role in the Duttons family business. However, things continuously change for the family. So, what will happen to the business side of things in Yellowstone Season 3?

“The truth remains is that they are vulnerable to attack because they have the prime spot,” Reilly added. “It was only going to be a matter of time before the next enemy, the next group of people who wanted to come claim it.”

Although Beth can’t fight them physically, she can perfectly hurt them with her wit, power, and intelligence on the financial industry. She knows how to destroy companies to make more money, so she is going to use this to her advantage in Yellowstone Season 3.

“I don’t know what John Dutton [Kevin Costner] would do without Beth,” Reilly continued. “I don’t think he’s aware of some of the things that she does.”

Yellowstone Season 3 return

Yellowstone Season 3 premiered on June 21. On its first day, it successfully racked up big on its viewership numbers, Variety noted.

The first episode managed to pull in a whopping 4.2 million viewers. It was 76% high compared to the previous season’s premiere episode, which only got 2.4 million viewers in Live+Same Day last year.

The Season 3 premiere was also simulcast on other Viacom networks: Pop, TV Land, and CMT. These networks added another 2.4 million viewership combined. Yellowstone Season 3 returns with Episode 2, “Freight Trains and Monsters,” on June 28, Sunday.

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