Yone and Yasuo combo could be nightmare in ‘League of Legends’

Yone and Yasuo combo can be a nightmare in 'League of Legends'

With the Spirit Blossom patch deployed this month, we see a lot of League of Legends players joining the Yone hype train.

The internet went crazy over the weekend as League of Legends has finally released Yone and people are starting to get accustomed to his skill sets. There is also a hidden interaction that Yone can do aside from the video that SkinSpotlights provided.

Yone can duet with his half-brother in-game

A well-known League of Legends YouTuber Vandiril gave viewers a peek of Yone’s interaction with Yasuo, per Dexerto.

Players can control each other’s dance animations regardless if they are teammates or enemies. So if you’re using Yone and an enemy is using Yasuo and one of you initiates a dance animation, you can control the opposing character’s dance.

This hidden interaction doesn’t affect the gameplay, but it does sound cool to have that animation synergy to taunt enemies and annoy teammates.

Yone and Yasuo: the new toxic duo?

A few days ago, Riot Games released a champion spotlight for Yone and people in the comments section had mixed reactions about his debut in the game.

Some did comparisons that Yasuo is better than Yone while others claimed that they didn’t want another toxic player in the making.

If you’re facing experienced Yasuo and Yone players, expect a painful combo coming from this overpowered duo. Yone can use his Fate Sealed ability to initiate the attack then Yasuo can finish the remaining enemies with his Last Breath ability.

Yasuo is still one of the most hated champions in League of Legends and having his half-brother Yone added to the mix may bring balance to the League community or introduce another toxic experience for old and new players.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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