YooA talks about her wild side with GQ Korea

GQ Korea invited Oh My Girl’s YooA for a pictorial and interview.

During the photo shoot, the staff asked YooA to draw a chicken. It was an odd request during a pictorial, but her reaction is natural. YooA stated that she enjoyed drawing the chicken.

Expressing herself through drawing

Whenever she wants to express something, YooA draws without thinking. In the previous week, she drew something with crayons.

YooA explained that she imagines expressing her inner self when she draws countries and places. “If you keep worrying about what other people will think of you, you will end up trapped by their expectations,” she said.

So, she draws when she wants to know her true self. Recently, she has been drawing a lot of nature-themed things like flowers and grass.

Level up to unique performance

YooA made her debut with her first mini-album, Bon Voyage. Commenting on her performance, she stated that instead of giving a stunning performance, she wants to create a unique one that people will not forget.

Even though her fans were surprised as they saw the different sides of her, it has existed all along inside her.

After hearing the song, she imagined a wolf growing in the forest far from the world. She also imagined the habits and movements of a wild but pure character.

YooA into a character

YooA did her best to express them through acting and tried living as a wolf girl. While laughing, she stated that she might look like a crazy person, but she did not eat grass.

The people were moved by their performance and praised her performance as a work of composite art. She wishes the prejudice of K-pop artists where they should sing or dance to a way it would disappear.

As she expressed her desire to break the barriers of K-pop, she felt afraid since people see her as someone arrogant in her art.

Image courtesy of OH MY GIRL/YouTube Screenshot

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