YoonA receives appreciation from netizens for new K-drama ‘Hush’

After revealing that she’s been researching reporters’ lives, the acting performance of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA in jTBC’s new drama series Hush is making waves on the internet!

The role of YoonA is a spirited and bold intern reporter named Lee Ji Soo. The new jTBC series titled Hush is about reporters’ realistic and relatable everyday struggles.

Hwang Jung Min takes the role of a veteran reporter named Han Joon Hyuk.

Because of the harsh reality of the industry, he has lost his passion for the work. In contrast, Han Joon Hyuk then becomes her mentor while they work on the same team.

The drama aims to highlight how news reporters’ lives resemble those of ordinary office workers.

Crossing the limits to give justice for the role

Recently, YoonA revealed that she visited a police station and newspaper company to see where real reporters work.

She also researched her character while getting advice about the questions she had prepared.

She then continued that she always sees reporters often in her line of work. However, she didn’t know the details about how they work and how they write articles.

More to the actress’s dedication, she also cut her hair short for the role.

Also, she changed her hairstyle to fit in for the role. She expressed, “I have cut my hair short many times, but this cut is my first time.”

YoonA delivered well: Fans

On December 11, Hush kicked off it’s airing. YoonA received many compliments for her performance after the first episode of the show as an intern reporter.

Some netizens commented, “She delivered as an aspiring reporter. She seems much more comfortable on camera while acting.”

Others shared, “She has always been this good. Her acting performances were underrated, and I’m glad she is receiving much-deserved spotlight now,” and “She articulated flawlessly and clearly. So excited for the next episode”.

Meanwhile, the drama achieved a nationwide rating of 3.4 percent, which is higher than its predecessor.


Image courtesy of Kmoovy/YouTube Screenshot

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