You can now use the Spotify widget in iOS 14; update required

There’s good news for all the Spotify music lovers using iPhones. They can now use the Spotify widget on their home screens in iOS 14.

According to The Verge, Spotify released a new update on Thursday, introducing its own widget.

It’s a big thing for those craving for it since the widgets were first unveiled in iOS 14.

Apple is constantly bringing new features and widgets for the latest software on all iPhones. Music widget is a thing that everyone wants but not the stock one.

Yes, there are many Apple Music users, but Spotify has a greater reach. And now that its own widget is here, people can start using it.

There’s only one condition, though. A quick update to your existing app is a must. And then you are all set to add the widget on the home screen.

How to use the Spotify widget on your iPhone?

It’s effortless to add it to the home screen. You can choose between small and medium sizes, but the large-sized is not available yet.

  • The first step is to make sure you are on the latest version of the music app.
  • Touch and hold a space on the home screen to go into jiggle mode.
  • Tap the “Add” option on the top to go into the list of all app widgets.
  • Go to the option for Spotify and choose between two available sizes. You can either go for 1×1 or 2×1 variants. Tap “Add” and place the widget wherever you want it to be on the screen.
  • Tap “Done,” and you are good to go.

Will there be more widgets in the future for iOS 14?

Apple has already announced earlier this year that many third-party apps will have widgets. And we have seen it happening gradually since last month.

Several third-party applications offering custom widgets are now available on the App Store. Many users are flaunting them to go further in customizing their iPhone home screens.

Recently, there was a trend in iOS users opting for a creative makeover to their iPhones. Using shortcuts and multiple apps to make the interface stylish is the new normal.

In the past, no iPhone user could make changes in how the software looks. But iOS 14 is turning out to be a boon for many individuals.

The Pinterest app’s downloads broke records last month upon the release of iOS 14. The simple reason was that it offers a wide variety of wallpaper ideas to the people. And it helps to guide how they can make their iPhone home screens look stylish and iconic.

Meanwhile, after the Spotify widget’s arrival, many users will surely flaunt it on the front screens.

Image courtesy of Nattanart P/Shutterstock

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