You can upgrade to iOS 14 and not lose ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite running on iOS 14

iPhone users who are upgrading to the latest version of their device’s operating system—iOS 14—are at risk of losing Fortnite, if they have it pre-installed. There is a proven method that offsets that from ever happening.

If you are up-to-speed in the events in the tech industry, you probably know by now about the issue between Epic Games and Apple. A problem that has become an ongoing debacle boiling down to disagreement in the way revenues are shared.

With the issue far from resolved, the legal dispute has led to Fortnite no longer be welcomed in the Apple platform. Subsequently, causing the game to be no longer installable for iOS users. That is, unless the account in the device has a history of having purchased the game before.

Still Lingering Presence

Fortnite is not altogether removed from the Apple platform, however. Some who still have the game in their devices could still keep it indefinitely if they so wish. Coming only with the caveat that the game can no longer be receiving an update. Leaving it stuck in season 3 while everyone else is enjoying the more up-to-date version of the same game.

The game is playable still, which is perhaps the crux of leaving the game installed. At least, in the time being.

However, this option to keep enjoying the game on what is technically a banned platform is seeing a threat with the option to upgrade to iOS 14. The issue being that the system is causing certain applications to get eradicated as part of the upgrade process. More specifically, the system is prompting to clear out some space in the device that is about to get an upgrade.

While that step is inevitable, users have the power to not let the system do the clearing by itself. Which, technically, prevents the procedure from indiscriminately removing any application that is taking space in the device’s storage.

For other applications, seeing removal may not be an issue as they can see reinstallation at any time. But for an app like Fortnite which no longer sees hosting in the App Store, the issue is much more sensitive.

Manually Delete Apps

If you’re, therefore, keen on upgrading to iOS 14 and was prompted to “Temporarily Remove Apps to Install the Software Update,” choose to cancel. This will prevent the system from automating the process of application deletion. From there, go to General and then to iPhone Storage and free up as much storage space as you can. All the while paying careful attention not to remove Fortnite.

With now enough storage space for the upgrade, the system will proceed and continue through the process. Ultimately, ending up with a successful procedure with the game Fortnite still remains.

Image used courtesy of LimSanity/YouTube Screenshot

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