‘You’ season 3 is in development, Netflix release date revealed


The highly anticipated psychological-crime drama, You season 3, is heading back to Netflix.  Despite the ongoing pandemic, the series is in development.

The popularity of You season one and two paved the way for its swift renewal on Netflix. With its excellent and thrilling storyline, garnering over 54 million viewers, it’s not a surprise that Netflix has given the green light. On top of that, You season 3 lead actor, Penn Badgely, will reprise his role.

Based on Caroline Kepnes, the series has been keeping the fans engrossed with the characters’ stories. Showrunners Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble will continue to work on the third season. Furthermore, filming will take place in California once again.

Looking back, season 2 highlights Joe’s new move to Los Angeles to start a new life. He also makes a bold move in changing his name to Will, and even meets his new love interest, Love Quinn. What’s interesting in season 2 is the desire of Will to change his murderous ways. He wants to be perfect for Love Quinn. However, he has found his match because Love Quinn is as murderous as he is.

You season 3 plot

The second season revealed how Love Quinn is very much like Will, who would do anything for love. Love Quinn murdered Delilah, Will’s landlady. Love also knew of Will’s past, and how he tried to kill his first victim, Candace. Love’s feelings for Will are so strong that she would not let Candace collect evidence that Will is a psychopath killer. Season 2 ended with Love and Will covering their tracks and moving to a new home in the suburbs.

The last scene showed how Will notices their lady neighbor, reading a book. Based on that finale, Joe is back on his old self. It highly suggests that Will’s next victim will be his next-door neighbor. Now, speculations surrounding season 3 will likely place Love Quinn in the spotlight. Love will do anything to keep Will, even if it means killing anybody.

On top of that, season 3 will also share a glimpse of Will’s past, and he will do anything to get back what was taken from him.

Season 3 is in active development

Back in March, the series is already in the writing phase, and fans have been expecting for the filming to start. However, the outbreak in the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the development.

Fortunately, You season 3 will begin filming in Nov. 2020 and is currently casting new members of the cast. Moreover, filming will end in late April 2021.

Netflix release date details

As of the moment, You season 3 is not due until 2021. Season 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.


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