Young healthy people to wait for COVID vaccine until 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the young people who are fit and healthy would have to wait until the year 2022 to get vaccinated by the COVID-19 vaccines. WHO chief Soumya Swaminathan brought out this statement.

It was also noted that high-risk groups like the doctors and the frontline workers would be vaccinated first to ensure their safety. In the first stages, mass vaccinations are highly unlikely. In fact, it will only be available until 2022, especially for young people. This comes at the backdrop of massive vaccination trials across the world.

“Most people agree, it’s starting with healthcare workers and frontline workers, but even there, you need to define which of them are at the highest risk, and then the elderly and so on,” Swaminathan said.

She further added that before the first stage of vaccination starts, there would be lots of guidance coming out from WHO.

The vaccines by 2021

With the hoard of vaccines being put on trial, a vaccine will be developed by 2021, mostly. But it is highly unlikely that the vaccines will be for mass vaccination. It will preferably be open in the initial stages but in very “limited quantities.”

Virus complacency may arise

Regarding the virus death rate, Swaminathan warned against increased complacency. She said that the increasing number of cases might add to the increased mortality.

“Mortality increases always lag behind increasing cases by a couple of weeks. We shouldn’t be complacent that death rates are coming down,” WHO’s chief scientist said.

Vaccine update

As per the latest updates, the last stages of the oxfords AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine are taking place in the UK, India, South Africa, and Brazil. The latest results include that it has triggered a dual immune response in humans. For the participants who had been administered the second dose, the antibodies were rendered as non-infectious.

By far, Johnson and Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine has begun at 60,000 person phase three trials. It will most likely submit its results by the end of the year. In the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, a single vaccine dose triggered an extreme immune response in the human body.

The Health Ministry response

In India, the union health ministry has said that the country’s doubling coronavirus cases have increased sharply to 70.4 days from 25.5 days, which has become threefold the time taken in August. Currently, mass antibody tests have begun. Doctors are moving door to door in cities like Delhi and Mumbai to check whether people have developed antibodies.

Image courtesy of arda savasciogullari/Shutterstock

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