YouTube 2020 vlogging cameras and accessories, vlog like a pro

YouTube 2020 vlogging cameras and accessories, vlog like a pro

A recent publish gave YouTube vloggers some useful tips on what cameras and accessories they might be missing out.

Previous reports revealed how influencers and vloggers create an impact on various aspects of society. Some even managed to affect the education system.

With such kind of impact, creating a relevant vlog with the right quality of output gives vloggers as well as viewers an advantage. A report recently released a list of the must-have cameras and accessories for YouTube vloggers of 2020.

The report said that one main factor to consider attracting and retaining viewers in YouTube vlogging is the video quality. Choosing the right kind of camera based on the desired shooting is important.

It added that YouTube vlogging does not require an expensive camera. A vlogger can achieve the desired video quality, even using a webcam or a phone with input for a microphone.

YouTube vlogging accessories

Choosing the right accessories is also an important factor consider. Gimbal helps make the video look nice and smooth said CNET.

Gimbal is also known as the three-axis stabilizer. It helps create a steady video output despite the phone or camera shake.

For high-quality YouTube vlogging footages, add on lenses may also help. The Black Eye Pro offers a fisheye, 2.5x telephoto, as well as wide-angle lenses in a kit.

For YouTube vlogging gaming experience, a noble webcam may still do the job well. There are now plug-and-play webcams that can do 720p at 60 fps out in the market.

A mobile light is a handy tool that gives a bright boost for videos captured in poorly lighted areas. The Lume Cube Air comes with built-in Bluetooth mobile for clutter less lighting.

For high-quality YouTube vlogging, whether through a mobile phone or an external camera, an external microphone is a must. Vloggers may go for the SmartLav Plus or the VideoMicro for options.

Another pair of must-haves for YouTube vlogging is the hardware encoder and the software encoder. The software encoder allows YouTube streaming of PC games while the hardware encoder streams via the HDMI and USB connections.

YouTube vlogging external cameras

For those who prefer their YouTube vlogging away from their phone, they may go for a bright lens and big image sensors such as the RX100 Mark III or M3. The device comes with a flip-up LCD screen allowing the holder to see himself while filming.

Another YouTube vlogging friendly camera comes like a traditional SLR camera. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 was designed for capturing videos even for amateur users the report says.

Image courtesy of jankuss/Pixabay

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