YouTube double downs on age restriction policies

YouTube double downs on age restriction policies

YouTube will become more stringent in filtering videos that need age restriction protocols in an effort to make the platform safer for its users.

During this time of the pandemic, the internet is a hotbed for misinformation. It is where fake news about the virus is spread like wildfire. Social media takes the crown for the most infiltrated platform on the internet.

Video streaming sites, especially YouTube, come in at a close second. Rich media that combines both attractive videos and audios are easy traps that ill-willed people use. As such, Google had to use AI to take down almost 11million policy-violative videos. In no little achievement, YouTube was able to take these videos down in just a couple of months.

The company is again tightening its grips on videos uploaded on the site.

YouTube age restriction will become more stringent

Similar to what the company did during the height of the pandemic, YouTube uses AI to ensure the right audience sees only appropriate contents. The system will automatically apply an age verification notice for contents that are for 18 years old and above.

YouTube maintains that the best judge for age restrictions are still the users and the content creators. However, there is still a need for the company to oversee if such self-regulation is observed. If not, it says that it has to filter such videos to make the entire platform safer for families and children. It said,

“Today, our Trust & Safety team applies age-restrictions when, in the course of reviewing content, they encounter a video that isn’t appropriate for viewers under 18.”

Eventually, YouTube will roll out machine-learning to automatically spot videos that need age-restriction. If such a video is tagged, the user will be prompted to sign in to verify his age. If the user fails to prove his age, he will be redirected to a video that is age-appropriate.

What happens to content creators then?

Because the system will rely heavily on AI, there will be instances along the way when videos are improperly tagged. In other words, some content creators’ video uploads could be demonetized. However, they don’t have to worry as YouTube has already boosted its appeals team.

For videos that are wrongfully tagged, YouTube will be ready to have their human team to work on the protests immediately. The company also ensures that the age-restrictions will not affect any revenue-generating activities through ads.

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