YouTube has paid around $30 billion to its creators, artists three years now

YouTube, a digital platform where many artist and creators showcase their ability and talent. This platform has given many opportunities for newcomers.

In this fast-paced world, YouTube has become a necessity for everyone. Everything is available on YouTube, from trending videos to the subscribed videos, from current affairs to live news.

As per the newsletter published by CEO Susan Wojcicki, the video-sharing platform has paid out $30 billion in three years.

YouTube has paid $30 billion to artists, creators, and various media organizations in the last three years. This provides a captivating opportunity for YouTubers to make money.

Views on the growth of YouTube

In the first time slot of YouTube creator 2021, she addressed how YouTube is growing. Then she recalls those new channels which, in partnership with YouTube, are providing advertising revenue.

The revenue is doubled in the year 2020. She also claims to give $16 billion as GDP to the U.S. government in 2019.

The news also gathered knowledge that YouTube gave full-time job opportunities to approximately 345,000 people.

These claims are mentioned in the Oxford Economics report, which was highlighted by Susan Wojcicki.

The meeting discusses the transparency issues about the YouTube platform. Transparency regarding the community guidelines and advertising dollars.

The meeting discusses the content strike issues as well. The company wants to keep communication to avoid channel strike issues. Usually, a channel gets terminated 90 days after it suffers a three-channel strike.

Views on community guidelines and regulations

One thing which came up after the 2020 presidential election was the banning of misinformation related videos regarding voter fraud flourished by any channel.

The new policy came into effect in December 2020. But till that time, it gave a grace period to all the creators. No misleading information can circulate on the company’s platform.

It has always sought to keep the audience away from any misinformation. As of now, it is planning to implement a new set of policies.

This new set of guidelines will start to stop the misinformation of vaccination drives. The policies will curtail the amount of misleading information amongst the viewers.

Misleading information can cause several issues in this present scenario. The new guidelines issued by the company will create a better ambiance.

The other exciting thing in Susan Wojcicki’s letter was the implementation of regulations. Further details regarding YouTube shorts, answer to TikTok’s owner, and creator revenue can be read on this Google’s blog.

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