YouTube streamer beats ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Sephiroth using dance pad

Kingdom Heart's Sora after a victorious battle against Sephiroth

YouTube content creator and Kingdom Hearts streamer SarahKey has managed to defeat the original game’s hardest boss, Sephiroth, by, quite literally, using only her feet. That is, by using a dance pad typically used for Dance Dance Revolution as a controller.

As an avid fan of both Kingdom Hearts and Dance Dance Revolution, the idea behind the created content hardly surprise.

Those who had the chance to experience using a dance pad would know how difficult it is as a controller for anything outside of DDR. The issue boils down to the conundrum of maintaining balance while using two legs for controller input.

A Challenge

A condition that is, at most times, hard to do, especially when certain situations demand a simultaneous input between two legs. The concept that the YouTuber of 61.7k follower herself has proven true throughout her streams.

Using a dance pad as the controller can, therefore, pose a great disadvantage than with a traditional gamepad. This is especially true considering how snappier the fingers are relative to the feet in terms of voluntary movement, further highlighted by the disparity in the distance in button placements between controller types and each button’s response rate.

SarahKey’s foray into Kingdom Hearts with the unconventional controller harkens back on the time she finished the two original games on a beginner level. Managing the feat by using a converter that translates her inputs directly into the game. But with a slight button configuration to make the task more forgiving.

Preparedness Trumps Skill

Experienced in the RPG title, SarahKey knows beforehand what to expect when she chose to confront the original game’s toughest boss. Added by the fact that she is playing the game on Proud mode, which is its hardest difficulty.

As preparation, the YouTube streamer started the quest with a maxed out Sora, which has high enough HP to survive the ordeal. A large buffer to recover from time to time and saving grace, thanks to the ability “Leaf Bracer.” A skill that gives Sora temporary invulnerability against attacks during heals.

Sephiroth, for his part, does not only live up to his reputation by having high amount of hit points. As an opponent, he’s also known for his long-reaching and impactful attacks. A perfect combo that could give even a maxed out Sora tough time in battle.

SarahKey was struggling during her early attempts. Getting defeated too many times while on it. Furthermore, she can barely press more than a single button, unless she’s healing. The latter of which itself requiring a combination of button presses to employ. Noticeably overlooking the need to press the directional button in favor of something more effective as spamming attack or doing dodge rolls.

SarahKey’s performance with a dance pad is not what anyone would call a best display of performance. However, it does highlight how important the role of preparation is in an RPG. Which, as it appears, remains a big factor even for a semi action-oriented title as Kingdom Hearts.

Image used courtesy of SarahKey/YouTube Screenshot

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