YouTube won’t open the creators space after the pandemic

YouTube permanent spaces, which are for the creators, will not open after the pandemic. The company has confirmed this in an official blog.

The Creators Space is a place that offers several resources and networking opportunities to the creators. YouTube is planning a hybrid model instead of the prior space model. This hybrid model will have pop-up locations with virtual events.

Few spaces will not open after the pandemic. Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rio, and Tokyo are those spaces.

What is the new line-up model of YouTube?

The coronavirus pandemic has been ideal but innovative. This pandemic pushed YouTube to shift towards a hybrid model. This virtual model will bring new insight to the company.

The Space model was underway for at least a couple of years. In 2019, Tube Filter reported this message. Back in 2019, there was an initiation of the plan for shifting towards a virtual model. The company chose this model as it is very reliant.

This innovation will provide temporary pop-up locations. It will give a wider picture for the creators. This plan is in operation because of its flexibility aspects. Back in 2019, this plan was proposed for Mumbai and Toronto.

The bottom line of the content:

The company at that time gave popups instead of Creators Space. According to a report by the company, this plan is very successful. The virtual events and popups have made things flexible and self-reliant.

With this feature, the company can cover tens of thousands of creators. YouTube is a massive platform for creators. It offers several brand collaborations also. Bringing new features which have been successful in the past is an excellent move.

Last year, over a thousand virtual events were organized. In these virtual events, approximately 70,000 people joined across the globe. The engagement of 145 countries was seen in these events.

The popup events even show a humongous surge. Since 2016, 45 pop events were organized. The engagement of 15000 creators was seen. These pop events are widespread across more than 20 cities.

In a blog post, YouTube claims that this strategy will prove fruitful. This new model will help the company to interact with more creators across the world. In 2021, YouTube is organizing a multi-week virtual program.

This virtual program is a part of the #YouTubeBlackVoices fund. This year, YouTube will continue to invest in the NextUp program. The NextUp program is for emerging YouTube creators.

With this, additional live and recordings of online workshops are available. Pop-ups will return once it is safe for people gathering.


Image courtesy of Major Motions/YouTube Screenshot

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