YouTuber couple for inquest on welfare of rehomed adopted son

YouTuber Stauffer couple for inquest on welfare of rehomed adopted son

YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer recently made headlines after announcing on their channel their decision to rehome their adopted son. They are, now, subject to an investigation on the well-being of the child.

According to BuzzFeed News, YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer are being investigated for the whereabouts of their adopted son, Huxley Stauffer.

The couple revealed on their channel, last week, that they have decided to place the five-year-old boy in another family.

Since the news, several concerned people sought answers on where he is now and to whom he has been entrusted. Their story quickly became viral, that it launched an investigation on the matter.

Not missing

A spokesperson from the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office told the news outlet that they have been working with “several other agencies” to investigate the case.

The situation is very confidential, though, so not a lot of details surrounding it have been disclosed. But one thing is for sure. The young boy is not missing contrary to what others are saying.

Tracy Whited, the office’s community and media relations manager, said that authorities have confirmed that Huxley is not missing.

“All adoption cases are confidential, and must go through a thorough process, with specific requirements and safeguards,” Whited said in a statement.

Appropriate process

Whited also assured the public and is confident that “the appropriate process is occurring.” Moreover, she revealed that both parties are being represented by lawyers to “ensure full compliance with the court process.”

Reports state, though, that it is not clear who facilitated the transfer of the adopted son to the new family.

A spokesperson for local child protection agency Franklin County Children Services said that the child is not in their custody. Meanwhile, Holt International, which is previously mentioned by Myka to being involved with, did not comment on whether they have something to do with the adoption process.

All that is known, for now, is what has been shared in the couple’s video. The Stauffers said that Huxley is in his “new forever family.”

Receiving criticisms

As expected, Myka and James received criticisms from the followers for their decision. But, their attorneys told People that their decision was made to give Huxley the best possible treatment and care.

The Stauffer’s adopted son first came into the family in 2017 after bringing him to the U.S. from China. He was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level three. He was also described as “profoundly developmentally delayed.”

Their adopted son’s condition caused them to seek help. And ultimately leading to the decision to bring him into a family that is “perfect match” for him.

Myka Stauffer, then, claimed that Huxley is “very happy” and that his “new mommy has medical professional training and is a very good fit.”

Featured image courtesy of Myka Stauffer/YouTube Screenshot

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