Zac Efron chooses girlfriend over career by buying permanent house in Byron Bay: Rumor

Zac Efron chooses girlfriend over career by buying permanent house in Byron Bay: Rumor

Zac Efron has, allegedly, made a choice between his career and his love life.

According to Woman’s Day, Zac Efron decided that he would be permanently staying in Australia to be close to his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares.

Zac Efron spent $2 million on a house to be close to his girlfriend

The High School Musical star, allegedly, bought a sprawling mansion in the Wategos Beach neighborhood. The tabloid claimed that Efron shelled out $2 million on the lavish property.

Efron and Valladares’ home, allegedly, features five bedrooms, an infinity pool, a yoga, and a game room. The property also has secret access to the beach, where Efron and Valladares could playhouse.

“The property which has been labeled ‘the best house in Byron Bay’ by real estate agents – is worth even more than neighbor Chris Hemsworth’s famous pad. The purchase comes after Zac snuck into Sydney last week, shacking up in a rental in the exclusive neighborhood of Dover Heights,” the magazine said.

But Woman’s Day also said that the actor would be treating the $2 million property as his home base between his work commitments so that Valladares could also stay close to her family.

Zac Efron, Vanessa Valladares thinking about tying the knot 

Zac Efron, Vanessa Valladares thinking about tying the knot

There has been a slew of rumors surrounding Zac Efron and Valladares in recent months. In September, Woman’s Day also claimed that the couple is already thinking about marriage.

“It reads like the ultimate plotline from a Hollywood romantic comedy. An A-list actor meets a regular waitress on an overseas holiday and is so charmed by her that he trades his glamorous career for a chance at love,” the tabloid claim.

The tabloid also alluded that Efron is choosing Valladares over his career. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

The actor’s friends miss him a lot

Two weeks later, the same tabloid pushed the same narrative by saying that Efron’s friends are wondering when he could come home. But to their dismay, it seems that the actor doesn’t have any plans to reunite with them anytime soon.

“Everyone’s like, ‘When are you coming home?’ We miss him! But Zac’s focus is on Vanessa and he brushes off the question. He’s completely lost it over this girl and says he’s never felt so free and alive – she cuts through all his Hollywood [expletive] and he can’t get enough of it,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take all these claims with a grain of salt.

The only accurate information that the tabloid published is that Efron and Valladares are dating. The actor staying in Australia permanently and marrying his girlfriend soon are false.

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