Zac Efron treats fans with his ‘dad bod’ transformation

Zac Efron treats fans with his 'dad bod' transformation

Zac Efron is at his “peak” at every age, one fan commented.

The High School Musical heartthrob, Zac Efron, has recently surprised his fans and followers on his new travel show, Down To Earth. Aside from seeing him again on small screens, his “massive” physical transformation is reportedly the reason why netizens are “losing it.”

Zac Efron massive transformations through the years

Efron’s big break came after Disney’s High School Musical arrived on small screens. Since then, he has received numerous film and television projects.

Alongside his talents and skills, his charming, boy-next-door looks are also part of the reason why fans and followers love him. Over the years, though, the public’s admiration for the actor intensified.

His well-toned physique became very apparent in 2018 for his film, Baywatch. As noted, however, he achieved his eight-pack abs through rigorous training, “dedication,” hard work, and a “badass trainer,” according to the New York Post.

Zac Efron massive transformations through the years

His most recent “dad bod” transformation

Zac Efron has continued to treat his fans with massive transformations, from being a young heartthrob to a hunk actor, and now to a “sizzling stud” with a dad bod, according to EnStars.

The publication went on to describe the 32-year-old star claiming that he looks “beefier and bulkier.” He also reportedly “rocked” his “hippie vibe” with new facial hair.

Other reports also agreed to these descriptions. As added, Efron looks more “rugged” and “huskier.” This is reportedly why fans and followers labeled him “Daddy,” which is a term for an “attractive older man.”

Losing his eight-pack abs

In his new transformation, Zac Efron reportedly lost his eight-pack abs, along with the whole Baywatch-physique he worked on for the movie. He revealed that he does not want to be in that “good shape again,” New York Post reported.

For his part, worrying too much about certain things just to maintain that shape is “stupid.” He added that it is like working with “no wiggle room.”

Based on his statements, it has reportedly appeared that he is more comfortable and happier with his new shape. Besides, he remains in great shape, fans noted. One fan even reportedly commented that if people see his body as a “dad bod,” then the rest of them has no “hope.”

Fans could not get over

Several reports emerged about fans appreciating Zac Efron’s new transformation following Down To Earth‘s premiere on Netflix. As reported, netizens have since shared how they like the actor’s new phase.

Some fans also revealed that they could not remember anything about the episodes of the travel documentary series. As explained, this is because they could not simply take their eyes off the actor.

As for other netizens, they reportedly said that Zac Efron is always at his “peak” at every age. He just keeps on getting better, and it is a real “sexual awakening.”


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