Zac Efron ditching girlfriend in Australia and head home to US: Rumor

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is in Byron Bay, Australia but he is, allegedly, going back to the U.S. after breaking up with Vanessa Valladares. The 33-year-old actor’s plan is to ditch her then move back to his home country.

The National Enquirer published an article titled Zac to dump his Aussie Lassie. It was claimed in the report that for Zac Efron, his relationship with Vanessa was just a summer fling.

It’s just a summer fling for Zac Efron

The couple, allegedly, spent the summer living the high life and now their romance has turned sour as the excitement has faded already.

“The relationship was a fun fling for Zac but the reality is he has to head back to the U.S. and attend to his career,” the source told the magazine.

Their romance has gone bad, and in fact, they were caught on camera while engaged in a heated argument.

The incident, allegedly, happened just last month and as per the source, they were clashing over the discussion about their future.

In any case, the insider stated that Vanessa is also concern about traveling since Zac Efron lives in the U.S. She is afraid of getting COVID-19 and not certain if she will be allowed to fly overseas since travel restrictions are in place.

“Vanessa is just a kid and her whole life has been in Australia,” the informant said. “She also had very big concerns about traveling overseas right now.”

The National Enquirer further claimed that Zac Efron knew he needs to return and it’s now time to move on from his summer fun.

Is Zac really breaking up with Vanessa and head back home?

Gossip Cop tried to find out the truth about this rumor, so it investigated the issue. After checking out the details, the publication confidently stated that there is no truth in the allegations that Zac Efron is dumping his girlfriend and return home.

The actor and Vanessa Valladares’ alleged break up is false in the first place. As proof, the High School Musical star just celebrated his 33rd birthday in Byron Bay with his girlfriend and friends.

It was also revealed that rather than rushing to go back to the U.S., Zac Efron extended his tourist visa to stay longer.

Lastly, recent photos of Zac and Vanessa show no indication that their romance is over or that they will be splitting up soon.

Featured Image Courtesy of Zac Efron/YouTube Screenshot

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