Zac Efron girlfriend flirted with Liam Hemsworth first: Rumor

Zac Efron's girlfriend flirted with Liam Hemsworth first: Rumor

Zac Efron is, reportedly, madly in love with his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares.

But according to Woman’s Day, he wasn’t her first choice. After all, Valladares first became close with Liam Hemsworth before she met Zac Efron in Australia.

Liam Hemsworth, Vanessa Valladares fling rumors

“The whole situation is a little weird for Liam. Whether he’d like to admit it or not, he enjoyed the kudos of being one of Byron’s hottest Hollywood types. And the only pseudo competition was his own brothers,” the source said.

According to the source, there’s no tension between Efron and Hemsworth. But Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband didn’t, allegedly, attend Efron’s birthday celebration even though he invited him.

Liam Hemsworth, Vanessa Valladares fling rumors 

Zac Efron proposed to Vanessa Valladares

Last month, the same tabloid claimed that Efron and Valladares are already engaged. And the proposal, allegedly, took place at the actor’s surprise birthday party.

“He had a ring specially made for her. He gave it to her after the party – it was incredibly romantic. Neither of them is saying much about it, but there’s no doubt it was some kind of unofficial engagement,” the source said.

Zac Efron living with his girlfriend in Australia

According to the insider, Efron and Valladares have also become very close since they quarantined in Australia together.

“They’re even closer than before. It’s almost embarrassing being around them. She knows she has to meet his family back in LA before they can make it formal, but they’re committed to each other. They’re talking marriage, babies, baby names, where to live. It’s a very serious relationship,” the source said.

Did the actor give up his career for love?

Weeks earlier, Woman’s Day also claimed that Efron made the difficult decision to give up his career for love. And the High School Musical star has also, allegedly, decided to permanently live in Australia.

Efron allegedly spent $2 million on a lavish property in the Wategos Beach neighborhood.

“The property which has been labeled ‘the best house in Byron Bay’ by real estate agents – is worth even more than neighbor Chris Hemsworth’s famous pad. The purchase comes after Zac snuck into Sydney last week, shacking up in a rental in the exclusive neighborhood of Dover Heights,” the magazine said.

However, it is important to note that Efron and Valladares aren’t engaged. If they are, other publications will report about their engagement.

It is also unclear if Zac Efron will be staying in Australia for more months. But even if he would, this doesn’t mean that he has given up his career.

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