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Zac Efron quitting Hollywood, upcoming movie to wed Australian girlfriend: Rumor


Zac Efron, allegedly, needs to make a huge decision about his professional and personal lives.

According to Woman’s Day, Zac Efron is keen on marrying his Australian girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares. But before this could happen, Efron’s friends are, allegedly, wondering when they will see him again.

The actor has been staying in Australia since the start of the quarantine. And he seems to be having a blast because he’s close to Valladares.

Zac Efron refuses to return to the United States, be away from his girlfriend

However, he has some projects lined up that requires him to return to the United States. Unfortunately, traveling to the US means that he cannot be with his girlfriend. A source claimed that Valladares cannot also go to the US because of the ongoing travel restrictions in the country.

“Everyone’s like, ‘When are you coming home?’ We miss him! But Zac’s focus is on Vanessa and he brushes off the question. He’s completely lost it over this girl and says he’s never felt so free and alive – she cuts through all his Hollywood [expletive] and he can’t get enough of it,” the source said.

Will Zac Efron continue joining the cast of ‘Three Men and a Baby?’

But while Efron is cozying up to Valladares in Australia, he, allegedly, has no choice but to fly back home soon. After all, the filming for Three Men and a Baby will commence in the coming weeks.

“He’s really torn between his cozy scene with Vanessa and his crazy career. This is the first time he’s able to be himself, not ‘Showtime Zac.’ He’s finding the whole experience in Australia life-changing,” the source said.

Vanessa Valladares ready to wed to actor

New Idea also published a similar story about Zac Efron. A source told the tabloid that the only way for Valladares to accompany Efron in the United States is if they will get married.

“I really think Zac’s at the point where he’d marry Vanessa tomorrow if she said yes,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Efron and Valladares just started dating a few months ago. As such, it’s unlikely for the couple to already be planning their wedding.

Efron has also been in the industry for years. And his relationship with Valladares is not his first. As such, it’s unlikely for the actor to lose his professionalism just because he’s smitten with his girlfriend.

And since Valladares knows that she’s dating an actor – and one that has an upcoming project at that – it’s unlikely for her to be urging Zac Efron to keep staying in Australia with her.

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