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Zac Efron secretly engaged to Vanessa Valladares, gave fiancée a special ring: Rumor


Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares are, allegedly, secretly engaged.

According to Woman’s Day, Zac Efron surprised the former waitress with a ring that was specially designed for her.

Zac Efron proposed to his girlfriend on his birthday

A source told the tabloid that the High School Musical star proposed to his girlfriend during his 33rd birthday. Valladares didn’t, allegedly, have any idea that the actor was also planning a surprise for her.

“He had a ring specially made for her. He gave it to her after the party – it was incredibly romantic. Neither of them is saying much about it, but there’s no doubt it was some kind of unofficial engagement,” the source said.

Zac Efron, Vanessa Valladares closer than ever

The tabloid then claimed to know details about the couple’s relationship.

“They’re even closer than before. It’s almost embarrassing being around them. She knows she has to meet his family back in LA before they can make it formal, but they’re committed to each other. They’re talking marriage, babies, baby names, where to live. It’s a very serious relationship,” the source said.

More rumors about the couple

There has been a slew of rumors surrounding Efron and Valladares in recent weeks. And most of the rumors are coming from the same tabloid.

Earlier this month, Woman’s Day claimed that Efron chose his relationship with Valladares over his acting career. And the couple also, allegedly, purchased a $2 million property together.

“The property which has been labeled ‘the best house in Byron Bay’ by real estate agents – is worth even more than neighbor Chris Hemsworth’s famous pad. The purchase comes after Zac snuck into Sydney last week, shacking up in a rental in the exclusive neighborhood of Dover Heights,” the magazine said.

Last month, the same tabloid claimed that Efron and Valladares are already thinking about tying the knot.

“It reads like the ultimate plotline from a Hollywood romantic comedy. An A-list actor meets a regular waitress on an overseas holiday and is so charmed by her that he trades his glamorous career for a chance at love,” the tabloid claim.

However, the only correct claim made by the tabloid is about Efron and Valladares being in a relationship. Everything else was just made up as part of their usual bait and switch tactic.

Zac Efron and Valladares didn’t purchase a $2 million property in Australia. And the actor isn’t quitting his work for love.

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