Zac Efron thinking about marrying former Aussie waitress girlfriend Vanessa Valladares: Rumor

Zac Efron thinking about marrying former Aussie waitress girlfriend Vanessa Valladares: Rumor

Zac Efron is, allegedly, thinking about settling down with his Australian girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares.

Woman’s Day recently published a cryptic headline about Zac Efron and Valladares, saying that the actor is already thinking about marriage.

Zac Efron not planning to wed Vanessa Valladares

However, there’s nothing in their dubious article that talks about the couple’s alleged marriage plans. They simply revisited how Efron and Valladares met.

“It reads like the ultimate plotline from a Hollywood romantic comedy. An A-list actor meets a regular waitress on an overseas holiday and is so charmed by her that he trades his glamorous career for a chance at love,” the tabloid claim.

Zac Efron not choosing his girlfriend over his career 

Zac Efron not choosing his girlfriend over his career

However, it isn’t true that Efron is choosing his relationship over his career. And to say that he traded it for a chance to love seemingly suggests that he’s having a hard time finding a woman to be with.

But the tabloid stressed that their claims are true simply because Efron met his girlfriend during his trip to Byron Bay. Valladares waited on the actor’s table in July.

“Enamored by the beauty, Zac kept in touch with her and has since canceled his flight back home to the US so he can spend more time with her,” the tabloid claimed.

However, it is possible that the High School Musical actor was unable to fly back home to the United States because of the pandemic. Or if he didn’t return home by choice, this doesn’t automatically mean that he’s quitting the business for love.

Who is Vanessa Valladares?

The tabloid then talked about Valladares’ social media account, her modeling career, and her professional portraits.

“Even though Vanessa’s life is far from ordinary, it’s set to become dramatically different. Particularly if rumors that Zac plans to stay in Byron permanently prove true,” the tabloid said.

As mentioned earlier, the dubious claim didn’t say anything about Zac Efron, allegedly, planning to wed his girlfriend.

Did Zac, Vanessa move in together?

The tabloid’s sister company, New Idea also claimed that Efron and Valladares are ready to take their relationship to the next level. After all, they have, allegedly, been playing house for several months now.

“It was revealed last week that she’s since resigned and has moved into Zac’s rental mansion,” the tabloid said.

However, both of the tabloid’s claims are untrue. Zac Efron doesn’t have any plans to wed Valladares this soon. And the former waitress hasn’t also moved into the actor’s home.

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