Zack Snyder defends Martha scene in ‘Batman v Superman’

Despite facing backlash and a lot of criticism, director Zack Snyder still supports his 2016 movie Batman v. Superman, no matter what.

It was proved once again recently when Snyder defended the now-infamous Martha scene from Batman v Superman. In the words of the director himself, he called it “the lynchpin that holds the entire movie together.”

Although most of the viewers and critics still think of it as a very confusing plot twist.

“Batman v Superman” and its Martha story!

Zack Snyder was recently talking to I Minutemen, and he vigorously defended the Martha scene from Batman v Superman.

“Clearly, I am a fan of and am very interested in how ‘Martha,’ that concept – it’s central to the film,” he said.

He added that the Martha sequence, as per him, was central to the plot of the movie. But the way the film was received took over its significance.

“I think it’s indicative of the way that Batman v Superman was received that its central tenet was belittled and made fun of.”

As is already known, the DC film saw Batman almost killing Superman. However, he stopped himself when Clark said, “save Martha.”

Ben Affleck’s Bruce then stepped back and asked the Man of Steel why he said that name because it was also the name of Bruce’s mother.

For Snyder, the scene “is like this beautiful and incredibly symmetrical idea that finishes it as a concept.”

The JL Snyder Cut is almost here

Meanwhile, the director is now ready with his next DC release. However, it’s not a new title, but the hype around it has been immense. Ever since he announced an unseen Justice League version in August 2020, all fans went crazy.

Fast forward to February 2021, and the JL Snyder Cut is almost here now. It will try to mesmerize the DCEU hardcore lovers who wanted a super ultimate version.

The most exciting thing is that Batman v Superman will continue because of the significant events in the 2016 title.

And since Zack is the director of both the movies, there will be some brilliant cinematic shots to watch out for. He’s pretty good at capturing intense action and combat sequences. It seems like the unseen Justice League version will give out many such great moments.

The film will hit the HBO Max streaming service next month. Being a DC entry, it’s also rated R for brutal scenes, language, and violence. Eventually, the viewers will experience a darker tone throughout the serialized version of the movie.


Image courtesy of Flashback FM/YouTube Screenshot

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