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Zelda-like RPG ‘Genshin Impact’ is coming to PC


Controversial hack and slash RPG Genshin Impact is coming for the PC. Developer Mihoyo announced that the release would happen right before October comes around.

Genshin Impact seems to try and emulate the successes of Breath of the Wild. The game’s graphics are not only beautiful, but they’re also some of the best out there. The visual design looks stunning, especially from the trailer the company showed.

Genshin got its inspiration from Zelda

Genshin makes it clear from the get-go that one of its inspirations is Zelda. The open-world game is brightly colored, with strong shades of green and blue. Even then, the coloring is not as annoying as other modern JRPGs.

The world comes with an old-town feel, with much of it coming in rolling fields. Towns, like many in the genre, feel old-timey medieval fantasy. There is a ton of nature to explore, which is great in any game.

Mihoyo did not post a ton of specifics other than the fact it’s coming “before October.” Even then, they’re promising that they will detail more things in the weeks to come. What Mihoyo also cleared on the game’s website is the existence of a beta.

According to the website, fans will get a Genshin beta test starting July 30. The entire thing, however, will only be available for PS4 players. The beta will also only be available for the North and South American regions.

Players who want to give the game a try ahead of time would need to register on the website. It’s likely worth the effort, considering how gorgeous the game is.

Genshin became controversial for Breath of the Wild

Genshin Impact caught word of mouth attention from last year’s ChinaJoy. Many players quickly noted how it looks a lot like Zelda, specifically Breath of the Wild. The game has many Zeldaesque qualities to it, but it uses them to its advantage.

Impact has glider sections and ancient robots that attack the player with lasers. It also has a stamina meter, which is a norm these days in the wake of Soulslikes. It doesn’t help that Zelda fans are very protective of the title too.

Some stories about the Genshin demo are vile.  Among them is that of one Zelda fan smashing his PS4 in the demo booth. Even then, many of these are reactionary, as the game is Zelda-like but not outright plagiarism.

Genshin Impact is a controversial title so far, with the cries of blatant plagiarism ringing. Even so, the game looks awesome, and PC-only players can treat themselves with it.

Images courtesy of Mihoyo/Youtube Screenshot

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