Zendaya’s Emmy win ‘biggest upset’? Twitter reacts to New York Post’s report

Zendaya's Emmy win 'biggest upset'? Twitter reacts to New York Post's report

Zendaya made history with her 2020 Emmys win, but her victory is trending on Twitter after New York Post considered it the “biggest upset” in the event.

Zendaya became the youngest and second Black woman to win the Best Actress in a drama series at the Emmy Awards. She won the judges’ heart with her portrayal of Rue, a teenage drug addict, on HBO’s teen drama TV series Euphoria. But New York Post called her win the “biggest upset,” which upset the netizens.

Zendaya Emmy win the “biggest upset”

New York Post published a report describing Zendaya’s win the “biggest upset” at the 2020 Emmys. Even the actress did not expect to win because bagging the award would mean beating high-caliber and more experienced actresses, including Jennifer Aniston, Jodie Comer, Olivia Colman, and Laura Linney.

The outlet noted that Zendaya is over a decade younger than everyone else nominated for the category. She looked so shocked when her name was mentioned as the winner.


Twitter reacts to NY Post’s report

Many did not like the headline of the New York Post’s report and how it insinuates that Zendaya’s victory was upsetting. It appeared to many that the word “upset” sounded like the win was not well-deserved. So, many contradicted the report saying that they were not upset with it.

“No one’s upset,” Clare Palo commented.

“I didn’t find this an upset at all. I expected her to win. I’ve been hearing way more buzz about her performance over the other ladies,” Trishelle wrote.

Another said he understands the word but disapproved of its use because of the negative connotation associated with it.

Some got the word “upset” wrong

While several blasted the outlet, many also defended New York Post because, the term “upset” applies to the headline, and it has been used in various reports.

One commented by sharing a photo of the word “upset” from an online dictionary which read “an unexpected result or situation.”

Another Twitter user engaged in a debate saying that the word is not negative at all and even presented another headline using the same word. The headline used the word upset after Olivia Colman won the lead actress in The Favourite. The Twitter user explained that the word doesn’t mean the winner didn’t deserve it, or the people didn’t want it to happen.

The same netizen shared another headline using the same word when Bruno Mars win six Grammy trophies while Jay-Z went home without even a single one. The netizen believed that the words “biggest upset” was used because Zendaya was so young and a woman of color.


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