Zendaya: ‘Euphoria’ star reveals her ‘boring’ travel traditions

Zendaya: 'Euphoria' star reveals her 'boring' travel traditions

Zendaya gets to travel around the world more often because of her film and series projects.

Celebrities travel a lot to several parts of the globe because of their career in show business. One of them is Zendaya, who, despite her young age, has already visited various locations inside and outside the United States.

The 24-year-old actress previously shared that she is more of a “homebody” than a traveler. She likes to stay at home as much as possible and watch a film from the Harry Potter series. Reports even noted that she always watches at least one of the movies per day.

However, she still has to leave home and board a plane, especially during shootings and filmings of her projects. Nevertheless, she said that she loves that she gets to travel more because of her profession. Aside from filling her time with work though, Cheat Sheet reported that the Euphoria actress has a tradition, which she describes as “boring.”

Zendaya has a “love for learning”

Zendaya knows the importance of learning and education. She loves it, which is why she sees her travels as opportunities to learn more.

In an interview with Elle, the Spider-Man star revealed that she always finds as “many museums” as she can, as well as various “educational tours.” She explained that she “absolutely” loves it, adding that she gets a lot of information about different places and things.

She also pointed out how much she loves having “random facts” with her. While some people may not appreciate it or even call it “boring,” she would always continue her tradition. This might take time, though, as she is keeping herself “grounded” these days due to the pandemic crisis.


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She wanted to become a teacher

Zendaya previously shared that she would be in the teaching industry if not for her career in entertainment, according to Insider. She said that she obtained her “true appreciation” and devotion to the “importance of education” from her parents.

The publication said that the actress’s parents are both teachers. Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman introduced her to their profession at a very young age.

But, amid all the talks and discussions about the matter, she said that she remains “grateful” for the opportunities. Cinema Blend reported that the actress continues to work on a few projects amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Zendaya’s latest project is Dune, which will arrive in April 2021. She also has other films in the works. She will reportedly reprise her role in the Spider-Man sequel and star in an upcoming biopic of Ronnie Spector.


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