Zendaya unclear on ‘Spider-Man 3’ movie’s ‘Spider-Verse’

Actress Zendaya has now expressed her own thoughts on Spider-Man 3. But she doesn’t have a clue about many things regarding the film.

According to Comicbook, Zendaya hasn’t confirmed nor denied the rumors on the Spider-Verse theory in Spider-Man 3. In simple words, she doesn’t know whether Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are in the third installment or not!

Recently, the actress appeared on Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. There, she seemed in doubt when asked about the strong rumors of a live-action Spider-Verse in the Sony sequel.

“Everything is very secretive,” she said.

“I can neither confirm nor deny.”

Spider-Man 3 early details

In the recent episode of his show, Jimmy Kimmel tried to decode if the next Spider-Man film has previous iterations of the hero or not. And he almost got successful when he asked if Zendaya had thanksgiving dinner with “Spider-Men.”

“Yeah — I can’t say that,” the MJ actress said. She praised the host on his trick and said: “You almost… that was good. That was good.”

Amid constant speculations of a “multiversal aspect” arriving in the next installment, everyone seems curious about the hype. But it also looks certain that we will get all three live-action Spider-Men in the MCU flick under phase four. Because, just a few days back, many videos spread the information regarding the same topic.

As of now, the plot leaks have tried to confirm that Alfred Molina, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Jamie Foxx will return in Spider-Man 3! If that happens, it will be an insane moment for die-hard Marvel fanatics.

Fans excited over the “Spider-Verse” possibilities!

These days, social media remains crowded with a lot of MCU related theories, thanks to some famous scoopers. They are those who have gained a reputation for coming out with accurate information about upcoming Marvel movies. And it has happened most of the time in the last three-four years.

Also, the followers of Marvel Cinematic Universe always remain alert if any leak pops up. The same is happening now as well amid heavy rumors of an unexpected introduction of mindboggling characters.

Along with the Spider-Verse theories, fans are also excited over another amazing possibility. And that is the appearance of Doctor Strange himself! So this makes it an unimaginable web of endless theories! How will everyone react upon witnessing these surprises?

The simple answer will be just “awesome.”

Spider-Man 3 is slated to release on December 17, 2021. Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon will reprise their roles once again, along with new additions, of course. It will be interesting to see who they are, eventually.


Image courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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