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Zendaya wants to make a movie with Denzel Washington: rumor


Zendaya is allegedly a huge fan of Denzel Washington, and she wants to make a movie with him.

Zendaya has just made headlines after winning her first Emmy Awards. The unexpected win became viral on Twitter after one outlet called it the “biggest upset,” prompting her fans to react. Meanwhile, another outlet claimed she wants to have a movie with Denzel Washington.

Zendaya a huge fan of Denzel Washington

Zendaya is one of the most celebrated actresses today, and she wants to work with another award-winning actor. The Euphoria star is eyeing to have a movie with Denzel Washington, The Borneo Post reported.

Zendaya is a huge fan of all of Washington’s movies, so it would be a dream come true for her to have a movie with him. In a previous interview, The Greatest Showman star shared that she watched all of Washington’s movie and loved.

“Every movie Denzel Washington has ever done I’ve loved – it would be an absolute dream to work with him,” she said.

Hugh Jackman cheered Zendaya on their film

Zendaya had the opportunity to work with Hugh Jackman in the movie The Greatest Showman. The 2017 musical drama film also starred Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, and more.

The 24-year-old star had to learn how to use trapeze for some pivotal scenes. She shared that Jackman played a huge role in helping her get through it. Zendaya was afraid of heights, and she’s not athletic, to begin with.

Also, she admitted that she doesn’t work out. Thus, filming the trapeze sequence was a huge struggle for her, but she pulled it through, thanks to Jackman.

“He called me a bada–. Yeah, Logan called me a bada–. Wolverine called me a badass,” Zendaya said as quoted by Cinemablend.

Although the scene was very difficult, Zendaya still considered her role in Euphoria more challenging because it dwells more on emotional stuff.

Zendaya’s Emmy win viral on Twitter

In related news, New York Post called Zendaya’s Emmy to win the “biggest update” from the event. The outlet noted that she’s over a decade younger than the other actresses nominated for Best Actress. But despite that, she beat Jennifer Aniston, Jolie Comer, Olivia Colman, and Laura Linney.

The outlet meant to say that Zendaya’s win was unexpected. However, her fans reacted, stressing that they were not upset with her win. New York Post published another report claiming that Zendaya’s fans seemed confused with the meaning of the word “upset.”

Many stressed that they understood it but still disapproved of its use, calling it a “poor choice of wording.” Meanwhile, many also defended the outlet saying, the use of the word “upset” in award ceremonies isn’t new at all.

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