Zephyr: a sweatproof gaming mouse is coming to Kickstarter

Zephyr: a sweatproof gaming mouse is coming to Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter campaign is brewing up for the first “sweatproof” gaming mouse. Zephyr is trying to break in the mouse market with its unique feature.

Zephyr features a built-in cooling solution for users with sweaty hands. Switching to a different mouse grip style helps. But, it is not enough during humid days.

The upcoming mouse uses the tagline “world’s first sweatproof gaming mouse.” But, Zephyr is not the first one to come up with that kind of design. It is the first one to feature an active cooling solution though.

Zephyr has an active cooling fan

Zephyr features its own cooling fan

The design itself of the Zephyr is not new to the eyes. Several manufacturers have implemented the same design language. It is created to reduce weight and have a passive way to cool the hand.

However, passive cooling is not enough for some users.

That is where the cooling fan comes in. Zephyr has a built-in fan to cool up the hands and reduce perspiration.

The included fan has two modes—slow and fast. These modes range from 4000rpm to 10000rpm. The fan also has an RGB lighting effect for added bling.

Some may find the idea quirky. But, if it works then it is still worth checking out.

There is one problem with the fan though. Based on the images released, it might be difficult to clean. Zephyr should address this concern to gain the trust of potential buyers.

Typical gaming mouse features

The active cooling solution is the only unique feature of this device. Other than that, it is similar to other mouses available in the market.

It uses the PixArt PMW 3389 sensor. This sensor is one of the most widely used sensors in the market. It is found on the Cooler Master MM710 mouse and on the HyperX Pulsefire series.

That is not a bad thing though. It only means that Zephyr did its research and picked up one of the most reliable mouse sensors in the market.

The PixArt sensor allows this mouse to have several DPI settings. It starts at 100 and can go up to 16,000DPI. This is not surprising as the majority of the gaming mouses available have the same DPI range.

Adjusting the DPI is done through the dedicated DPI button. The Zephyr also has an RGB effect with several modes.

Zephyr is available in three colors

Eye-catching design

The Zephyr’s design is similar to the Glorious Model O and the Cooler Master MM710. It does have a different kind of “weave pattern” compared to other gaming mouses, however.

It will come in three colors—pink, white, and black. All three models have an RGB lighting effect that wraps around half of the mouse.

There is a DPI select button near the scroll wheel. The right and left click use Omron switches. These switches are rated to last up to 50 million clicks.

Despite being symmetrical in design, there are only two thumb buttons on the left side. This means that the mouse is created for right-handed users.

Zephyr claims that this mouse is sweat resistant, grease resistant, and fingerprint resistant. All thanks to its matte finish.

This mouse is also one of the lightest mouses available. It only weighs 68-grams which makes it perfect for gaming and regular use.

Pricing and availability

The Zephyr mouse has a super early bird price of US$79[AU$113]. The company has not revealed the final price yet.

Zephyr is offering an additional 50% discount is available upon signing up for their newsletter. The availability of the product is still unknown.

All images used courtesy of Zephyr/Mindshunter


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