Zeptosecond: The shortest length of time is found

Zeptosecond is the shortest unit of time found by researchers with the help of lasers. It is a trillionth of a billionth of a second.

Researchers of the University of rock stock were the first to measure the shortest unit of time.

The researchers measure the unit by x-ray lights. The time that a light particle takes to cross a hydrogen molecule is a zeptosecond.

In addition to that, a zeptosecond is a decimal point after 20 zeros and a 1. It is a trillionth of a billionth of a second.

The first smallest unit of time was the femtoseconds. According to the researchers, chemical bonds take femtoseconds to break and form.

About that, the scientist started using a Single Photon and two electrons of the hydrogen molecule.

This saw that the photon was bouncing from one electron of the molecule to the other. They were comparing this phenomenon to a pebble skipping over the top of a pond.

The research

According to the researchers, the skipping of a photon from one electron to another created a wave pattern.

The researchers were using a cold target recoil and momentum spectroscopy to witness the reaction.

About that, the COLTRIMS is a microscope that can record speedy atomic reactions. The researcher knew the spatial orientation of the hydrogen molecule.

They were using electron ways of hydrogen to calculate the photon reaction.

When they were observing the reaction, they saw the precise moment of the photon passing the molecule.

The calculation was 247 zeptosecond that the electron shell did not react to light everywhere at the same time.

After carefully noting it, it concluded that the time delay occurs because the information within the molecule can only spread at the speed of light.


The first discovery of the zeptosecond was recorded in 2016. Currently, the research is evolving day by day.

In 2020, it is a world record to measure 247 Zeptoseconds. Now, we can enter the field of zeptosecond measurement.

In addition to that, this is a vast discovery for humankind and time. The researchers were using a helium atom to measure a zeptosecond at first.

After 2016, the researchers started thinking about the hydrogen atom. The hydrogen atom is very spacious.

About that, the researchers chose the molecule to measure the zeptoseconds. Due to the distance between the electrons in the molecule, they could make the world record.

In conclusion, the discovery of the zeptoseconds is a boon for humanity. Not only this, but society is now more aware of time.

This research will surely help future technologies. Time is the key to success, and with this research, humanity will succeed.

Image courtesy of Mike Flippo/Shutterstock

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