Zignaly’s trading volume up 38% to $704M as profit-sharing AUM soars by 105% in one month


The crypto market rally, which saw Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and other digital currencies set new all-time highs, has created massive amounts of wealth for investors in such a short amount of time.

While investing in digital assets is indeed lucrative, some potential investors are worried that they might not be knowledgeable enough to take advantage of opportunities or spot potential risks.

Crypto Trading Simplified

Thankfully, Zignaly offers the perfect solution for newbie investors or for those who either do not have the time or the willingness to follow the crypto market’s every move. Users can activate the platform’s Copy Trading feature and let the system replicate the trading activity proportionally of an expert crypto trader.

Another feature that platform users could choose is its Trading Bot, which is recommended for advanced users since there’s some tweaking needed to be done. Users can use crypto signals from 46 available providers or set their own rules to automate their trading, even when they sleep.

Some of the options/rules for this feature include All coins allowed (No limits), Accept multi-targets from signals, DCA-based rebuy strategy options, Get sell signals to automate close, Trailing stop loss, and Trade using TradingView signals.

Zignaly’s business soars in a month

Perhaps one of the best testaments that Zignaly’s system works is the rapid rise of its business. The platform’s trading volume surged by 38 percent to $704 million in April compared to $510 million in March.

Total assets under management also rose by 57 percent from $70 million in March to $110 million in April. But the rise in the platform’s profit-sharing AUM (assets under the profit-sharing option) is even more astounding. From just $3.5 million, AUM rose by 105 percent to $7.2 million in April, which proves that the platform’s copy trading works for its users.

Profits sharing volume is up by 50 percent from $154 million in March to $230 million in April. Total profits generated for users in April reached $450,000.

The platform onboarded 9,000 new users in April alone, up 21 percent from the 7,418 users who signed up to the platform in March. While the Zignaly Coin (ZIG) is one of the most undervalued tokens at the moment, it’s easy to see that the platform is experiencing explosive growth and there’s no looking back.


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