ZILLA rolls out Faucet as a Service (FaaS)

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ZILLA, the multi-faceted blockchain events and ICO platform, has announced the launch of its latest offering, the first ever Faucet as a Service (FaaS).

The new service will allow users to create their own community tokens through ZILLA’s easy to use token generator and then promote and distribute those tokens through the faucet.

Speaking about how their Faucet as a Service came to be, ZILLA team lead Abasa Phillips said:

“Having conducted many airdrops for us and for other blockchain companies, we have a lot of data on the efficacy of airdrops. We were in the final stages of releasing our Airdrop As A Service to the public, when just as a test we decided to rejig the software a bit and make a faucet.”

The results of that test were eye-opening, as Phillips explained:

“It worked much better as a marketing tool than we expected, getting thousands of page views, distributing hundreds of tokens, and getting hundreds of new users in just a couple of days. These results are far better than the results of an airdrop. We decided to put the airdrop tool on hold and release the faucet as a service first. The bang for the buck for other crypto/blockchain projects is really high.”

Promoting a token: Faucet vs. Airdrop

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the crypto community today who has never heard of a token airdrop.

In simplest terms, an airdrop is a token giveaway where the user signs up and completes some simple tasks – liking a page on Facebook, retweeting a tweet on Twitter, etc. – and in return they receive a certain number of tokens.

The delivery of tokens in an airdrop is rarely instant – in most cases, tokens are not distributed until after the project’s ICO has ended.

A faucet, on the other hand, is more like a slot machine with a guaranteed payout. The user goes to the faucet website, enters their token address, and receives their free tokens in less than an hour on average.

To test the effectiveness of their Faucet as a Service for token promotion, ZILLA created a token called Reiwa. They set up a faucet for the new token and announced its launch on their Japanese Twitter account. The results were impressive.

Without any ongoing promotion, the announcement resulted in hundreds of new followers and the distribution of Reiwa tokens to more than 700 addresses. In addition, thanks to the available email capture form option, they collected over 300 email addresses that can be used for future marketing efforts.

Despite the limitations of the test, a tremendous amount of online buzz was generated along with requests for Telegram, Discord, and Twitter pages for Reiwa.

How to set up a faucet for your token

Setting up a faucet for your token with ZILLA is as simple as filling out a form.

Step 1

Go to the ZILLA website (https://zla.io) and log into your account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one for free.

How to set up a faucet for your token

Step 2

From the ZILLA dashboard, click on Faucet – either from the left-hand menu or from the service icons on the page.

From the ZILLA dashboard, click on Faucet

Step 3

Choose the type of faucet you want to create. ZILLA offers several different types of faucets, each with different levels of functionality and price points.

Choose the type of faucet you want to create.

Step 4

Fill out the information requested in the faucet creation form and click the Continue to Payment button.

Fill out the information requested

Step 5

Send the required payment to the provided address then click the Confirm Payment and Publish Faucet button.

 Click the Confirm Payment and Publish Faucet button.

Note: it is important that you ONLY use the ZILLA wallet or another wallet that you can receive tokens from. Do not use an exchange-generated address or you will lose both your tokens and your ETH.

That’s it! ZILLA staff will contact you to make sure all of the information was filled out properly. Once your faucet is published you will be able to customize it with a logo or advertising banner of your choosing.

To demonstrate the Faucet-as-a-Service functionality, ZILLA created a Game of Thrones (GoT) token and accompanying GoT token faucet.

For more information about the ZILLA wallet and the services offered by ZILLA, please visit https://zla.io or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram.

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