Zion Williamson exits NBA bubble due to urgent family matter

Zion Williamson exits NBA bubble due to urgent family matter

As the NBA draws closer to the season restart, New Orleans rising star Zion Williamson leaves the NBA bubble in Orlando due to medical matters.

It looks like the hype for the return of this young blood is going to have to wait. With the future star in top shape for the restart, a lot of people are expecting to bring his ‘A’ game.

According to sources last month, it looks like Zion Williamson is more than ready to go back to the ball game. However, he might miss a couple of days in the restart due to this unexpected incident this week.

Pelicans continue to support Zion’s decision

It looks like most of his teammates will miss him once again off the court for a while. While head coach Alvin Gentry praised the New Orleans for having a deep roster depth, Jrue Holiday also said that they’ve done it before without Williamson as he told ESPN:

“Obviously we’re excited to have him out there on the court. But with him gone taking care of his family, we’ll hold down the fort for him. He’s our brother, and he has to take care of his family.”

Zion will possibly miss games if he doesn’t return within 7 days

As per ESPN, if he returns in a week or less, Williamson will quarantine for four days upon his re-entry to the NBA bubble if he has a negative test each day he’s outside the bubble.

However, if his absence lasts for more than a week he will still quarantine for four days if he has a negative test for the final seven days he is gone. If he doesn’t receive the required testing, he will quarantine for 10 days.

Due to the strict measures implemented inside the NBA bubble, it looks like Zion may need to wait out until he is cleared to play once he returns.

It looks like the scheduled games for the NBA restart could be tough for the New Orleans Pelicans as they face off the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers.

As per the latest NBA standings, the Utah Jazz is currently on the 4th seed while the Los Angeles Clippers are at the 2nd seed.

ESPN is still hopeful that this young star has a lot to put in the table so here’s a clip celebrating the birthday of Zion Williamson.

This young blood has a lot of untapped potentials and judging from the numbers he put out in the last 19 games, we might see more explosiveness from him once he comes back.

In the meantime, the New Orleans Pelicans may need to rely on their current depth. If they manage to beat these two teams, they might have a better in going to the playoffs and dethrone the Memphis Grizzlies in the 8th seed.

Should the Pelicans get the 8th seed, then we may see a duel between Zion Williamson and Los Angeles superstar LeBron James.

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