‘Zombie Detective’ sets out perfect teamwork in the drama

Zombie Detective releases behind-the-scenes look of Choi Jin Hyuk.

Zombie Detective is a comedy-drama of a zombie who is on his second year of resurrection. Choi Jin Hyuk becomes a detective, and he desperately searches for the truth about his past.

The actor plays as Kim Moo Young, a zombie detective who struggles to adapt his new life while co-existing with humans.

On the other hand, Park Ju Hyun acts in the role of Gong Seon Ji. She is a writer of an investigative journalism program having an unrivaled optimism and sense of justice.

Shades of foundation

The released behind-the-scenes video shows Choi Jin Hyuk discussing his lines where he talked about foundation shades. The script suggests using shade number 21, but Choi Jin Hyuk asked if he can change it to number 23. He usually uses number 23 as a shade of foundation.

First attempt

Park Ju Hyun and Choi Jin Hyuk practiced the scene where he blocked her in an attempt to enter the room. Also, Park Ju Hyun worries about her face getting pressed against the door. However, Choi Jin Hyuk reassures her that she still looks cute.

When Choi Jin Hyuk saw Park Ju Hyun rubbing her cheek after filming, he went to the actress to make sure everything is okay. Park Ju Hyun checked to see if there are any marks on her cheek, then she cheekily requested to blur it.

Pet time

The video went on with Choi Jin Hyuk playing with a small dog on set. He crouched down and played with the dog, while the children around watches.

Finally, Choi Jin Hyuk is enjoying his bubble bath with a fuzzy hairband in his head. He smiled and laughed as he checks his performance in the film. His well-built physique was shown as he went out wrapped in a towel.

Image courtesy of KBS Drama/YouTube Screenshot

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