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‘Zombie Land Saga’ Season 2: New trailer reveals another epic adventure, new characters


Zombie Land Saga Season 2, or officially titled Zombie Land Saga Revenge, will take fans to the crazy world of idol zombies once more

Viewers will again enjoy a different kind of zombie story in Zombie Land Saga Season 2. Instead of gory and cannibalistic characters, they will see singing and dancing zombies with trans community representation and not to mention upbeat songs.

The second season revelation

The anime series drops its official trailer to give a glimpse of another epic adventure fans are about to witness.

There will be great stage performances that Franchouchou will hold. Kotaro Tatsumi, alternatively, will discipline the group even more for much better performance.

It also reveals a hard practice routine waiting for the idols in Zombie Land Saga Season 2.

According to Epic Dope, for every character’s performance, the zombie idol group will become more popular by the minute.

However, Franchouchou is about to experience how hard it is to be an idol, from fan meetings to daily chores.

In addition, the trailer also introduces new characters, like Tae Yamada. She is an unpredictable and mysterious idol who also narrates the trailer.

Meanwhile, Franchouchou will be singing the new season’s opening and theme songs, titled “O Saga, Cry with Me” and “Spending the Days with a Dream and Nowhere to Go Home,” respectively.

Release date and other major details

The first season of the anime series was one of the major releases in 2018 that swayed fans off their feet.

It carried a hilarious storyline that would continue in Zombie Land Saga Season 2. It would be part of the jump-packed spring 2021 anime schedule, per Comicbook.

The second season will chronicle how Franchouchou girls have evolved more than two years after the first season concluded.

The second season will premiere on Thursday, April 8, on Tokyo MX, BS11, AT-X, and other broadcasting channels.

It will be making its debut on Crunchyroll at the same time as its Japan release. In addition, its English dubbed version will drop on Funimation, though on a later date.

Munehisa Saka returns to the directorial seat to helm the second installment at MAPPA and Avex Pictures. The series will also feature the return of its original cast members

Asami Tano will reprise her role as Saki, Risa Taneda as Ai, Makai Kawase as Junko, and Rika Kinugawa as Yugiri. Minami Tanaka will also return as Lily, Kotono Mitsuishi as Tae, and Mamaru as the manager Kotaro.

In just a day, fans will finally see the new epic story of Zombie Land Saga Season 2.

Featured image used courtesy of Palma Bernardo Alexius Hutabarat/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0 (, video used courtesy of avex pictures/YouTube Channel

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