Zoom acquires Keybase and plans to build end-to-end encryption soon

Zoom recently acquired Keybase. The tech company is currently working towards its goal to build end-to-end encryption.

Zoom proudly announced that it acquired Keybase as part of its 90-day plan to combat security issues. The company seeks to strengthen its video communication platform.

Eric Yuan, Zoom Chief Executive Officer, released a statement in the company’s official blog post. He said that their union with Keybase would help the company achieve its goal.

Yuan elaborated that their goal is to provide the most privacy possible case. He further noted that they are committed to preventing harmful platform behavior.

Zoom and Keybase plans

Zoom aims to provide its paid customers end-to-end encryption in the future. Logged in users, on the other hand, will have cryptographic identities. Zoom network will provide a repository wherein the identities will be saved. This will ensure that meeting attendees will have an established trust-based connection.

Keybase was founded in 2014 and has since then built encryption products and raised almost $11 million. Its experience in building collaborative tools and file-sharing will boost Zoom’s security credibility.

Yuan said that the Keybase acquisition would help them provide their customers with a high-security level. Such will be important this season that the number of users depending on the platform continues to increase.

As work from home becomes a norm in this pandemic season, reliability is necessary. As the hundreds of millions of participants continue to depend on the platform, Zoom needs more flexibility as well.

Keybase employees merge with Zoom

As part of the acquisition, the Keybase team will be merging with Zoom. Max Krohn, Keybase co-founder, will be the head of the Zoom security engineering team.

Krohn will be directly reporting to the Zoom CEO. On the other hand, the 20 over Keybase workers will be Zoom employees, while the rest will add up to the team of security engineers.

The Zoom CEO did not elaborate further on the details of the partnership. The amount of acquisition remains undisclosed as well.

Zoom security issues

The increased demand for a reliable video communications platform in the past couple of months challenged Zoom’s reputation. As the number of users continues to rise, security weaknesses on the platform started getting exposed.

The decision to acquire Keybase will play a vital role in Zoom’s move to correct the issues. The encryption expertise of the Keybase team assures that the company will produce more secure products in the days ahead.

As Keybase will concentrate on aiding the fulfillment of Zoom’s vision, it remains unclear if its product will continue.

Image courtesy of Edward Jener/Pexels

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