Zoom finally resolves massive service outage experienced by users

Zoom users recently experienced a massive service disruption, particularly with hosting and joining meetings.

Zoom has become an important platform for countless people in this pandemic era. With people stuck at home and business operations halted, Zoom has provided an opportunity for them to continue on through a remote setup.

Unfortunately, the platform is also not shy of issues, and just recently, the app had experienced massive disruptions in its service.

Zoom outage

Down Detector is an online service that keeps track of glitches and disruptions in web services. The service earlier reported of glitches heavily concentrated in the United Kingdom and the United States, mostly in the Northeast but includes states like California, Florida, and Texas.

This report by Down Detector coincides with that of Zoom users last Sunday. These users claimed to have experienced several issues, particularly with hosting and joining meetings, among others.

The service disruptions reportedly began at 9 am EST. The video-conferencing giant quickly acknowledged the problem saying, “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. Zoom users impacted by this issue should now be able to host, join & participate in Zoom Meetings & Zoom Video Webinars if they restart their sessions.” 

Other issues that users complained about were audio and video failure and problems with the chat function. According to the company, the problem has affected only a “subset of users.”

Online church services affected

Among the people affected by the service disruption were online church services. Because mass gatherings were deemed unsafe due to the coronavirus, churches around the globe had to transition to online worship services.

Zoom seems to be a favorite for such religious activities. However, a number of church-goers and organizers complained on Twitter of interruptions to their Zoom worship services.

One user explained that they were unable to start their Sunday school lessons. This is because they couldn’t hear and see the other participants. Another user remarked how the disruptions were killing Church meetings, and if the company is unable to resolve the issues by Monday, businesses won’t be as forgiving as churches.


Not long after the issues were brought to light, Zoom addressed the problems as resolved. The company failed to disclose the reason for the service outage. However, they assured their users that they would once again be able to host, join, and participate in online video conferencing sessions.

However, users would first need to log out of Zoom first then log back in if they’re still having issues.

Images courtesy Claudiu Hegedus/Unsplash, Sundry Photography/Shutterstock

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