‘Zoom is not a safe platform’ says India government

India's government says that 'Zoom is not a safe platform'

India joins the the list of countries that have put Zoom in the watchlist of insecure applications. India has released a 16-page guideline on taking extra steps to ensure their users’ safety.

Zoom is still under the microscope for their lapses in their videoconferencing data security. With security issues hovering, several countries have already blacklisted the application.

Government officials have been told to refrain from using the app to avoid any infiltration or classified government leaks. Nevertheless, Zoom still enjoys the stellar rise of their software due to the increase of people stuck in their homes.

India says ‘Zoom is not a safe platform’

India’s Cyber Coordination Centre (CyCord) of the ministry of home affairs has issued a 16-page comprehensive document on safe usage of the application.

The agency shares that the objective in sending the guidelines was to help Indian users establish a more secure video conference. Moreover, the guidelines will also protect vital information from being ‘‘zoom bombed’ by ill-willed hackers.

The guidelines include a step-by-step setup of a video meeting that only the administrator of the meeting has full control of. Additionally, the guidelines encourage Zoom users to disable screen sharing and video recording during the entire meeting.

The main purpose is to prevent unauthorized participants from downloading vital information that may be shared in the meeting. As a solution, the Indian government has started a local contest to challenge developers to make a home-grown app.

The participants in the contest only has until April 30 to submit their entries. The winner gets to bag a four year contract with the Indian government.

Countries that have banned Zoom

The Taiwanese government has issued a document ordering all government officials to refrain from using Zoom. Instead, government officials must use other applications such as Skype or Google.

The German government has also issued a similar statement regarding the matter. However, a total ban on the usage of Zoom could not be carried out because German’s key partners around the world still use Zoom for videoconferencing.

Zoom CEO apologetic for the lapses

Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, was every bit of apologetic for the lapses of their application. He stated that the sudden surge of users through their servers was unexpected.

He added that they weren’t able to setup the proper security measures because of the influx. Nevertheless, the company CEO has ensured that Zoom is taking all the steps necessary to fix the security issues.

Image courtesy of Naveed Ahmed/Unsplash

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