Zoom login accounts found ‘for sale’ on the dark web


Zoom login accounts found openly for sale on the dark web. Reports have it that hackers penetrate the app without the owner knowing what’s going on.

There is no denying that Zoom is, now, very popular as the world shifts to working at home. The global pandemic stops people from going to the office and promotes working from home.

The video conferencing app is the subject of a lot of heat ever since its security breach, making it hard to tell if Zoom is a reliable app to use despite its popularity.

According to The Sunday Times, hackers uploaded more than half a million login account details from the teleconferencing app on the dark web.

The login details sell for almost $2 AUD. A cybersecurity intelligence company called Cyble found and purchased these login details.

Zoom hacker

When Cyble purchased the login details, they talked to a Russian-speaking person on another app called Telegram.

Multiple victims sued the company over previous security breaches and accusations of its flawed structure.

Many people reported trolls penetrating their conferences and disrupting their meetings with profanity or lewd content.

The teleconferencing app hired multiple third-party security experts to find hackers, tools, and websites used to infiltrate their security.

Although the third-party security experts found multiple websites and tools used to hack the app and take them down, the risk still exists.

Zoom is an easy app to use and that makes it one of the favorite apps of companies. While everyone is forced to work at home, the teleconferencing app makes everything easier.

Facebook joins in

The social media platform announced its plans to join the teleconferencing industry. This popular platform plans to improve its video call services.

Facebook’s video call feature works well as of the moment but the company plans to allow multiple calls at once.

However, the video feature only handles a certain amount of participants and in comparison with Zoom and all Facebook needs to do is increase the number of participants allowed.

With the bigger market hold of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, it is easier for them to gather a big audience.

The feature is still under development and might take a while before it is released for public use.

Without much competition, Zoom is still the number one teleconferencing app available today since its direct competitors are smaller companies.

If bigger fish come into the market with better security measures, the popular teleconferencing app might be in trouble.

Security software

Working from home is now the new norm and to add another layer of protection to your personal information, using security software is necessary.

It is hard to rely entirely on an application to secure your private information. Getting protection for your device might save you from possible threats.

Nothing is 100% secure but with good security software, users can avoid unnecessary risk.

If you feel unsafe on Zoom, you can add an extra layer of security to ease your mind.

The company is still trying to fix its frequent security breaches and without that problem, the app is even more reliable.

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