Zoom will provide end to end encryption for free users apparently


Zoom will provide end to end encryption for free users despite saying otherwise last month. The feature will roll out sometime in July.

Videoconferencing apps have seen the biggest rise in usage ever since the pandemic started. Security and trust issues over apps have been plenty, but the need for such apps is undeniable. Zoom has been in the middle of such controversies. However, they have made good on their promise to improve.

Earlier last month, Zoom announced that it would finally have an end to end encryption for video calls for paid users. It added that it is difficult to control video calls of free users because of a lack of identity credentials.

Zoom will provide end to end encryption

Just yesterday, Zoom backtracked on its statement last month. It would seem like the company did its homework to confidently retract its earlier claim. Zoom announced that it would be able to provide end to end encryption for all of its users.

Zoom’s only intention is to prevent illicit activities from being conducted on their platforms. It announced last month that the company never entered a video call unannounced. Also, it never listens to any video call unless it is for investigation.

Now, Zoom will require a one-time registration for free users to acquire additional information on their identity. Some additional steps may include a text number verification process.

Zoom faces tough competition

Zoom has been enjoying stellar growth in its year on year numbers. However, they are not alone in the arena. Several social media sites have put forth their version of video call features and are performing quite well too.

The biggest fish in the market is not Zoom, but Google. Just a few days ago, Google announced that it would have a native Google Meet button with the Gmail app. That means that accessing Google Meet will be more convenient. Not only that, but users may also launch Google Meet straight from an inbox email invite.

Image courtesy of Zoom/ YouTube screenshot

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